Maisons du Monde spring-summer 2016

Maisons du Monde spring-summer 2016

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For spring-summer 2016, Maisons du Monde is highlighting pastel colors and graphic patterns. A collection full of sweetness, design, and cheerfulness.

Origami that lasts over time

Maisons du Monde Fall back to childhood with its pretty origami animal trinkets. Their soft colors will bring delicate decorative spikes to your furniture. * Maisons du Monde polyresin trinkets, from ** 6.99 ** € *

Mirror, my beautiful mirror

Maisons du Monde They are the essential elements of any decoration. Maisons du Monde revisits mirrors to blend them into its pastel collection with graphic prints. * Maisons du Monde mirrors, from ** € 17.99 ***

Lighting and decorative frames

Maisons du Monde In the spotlight again this season, copper metal. He dresses frames and lights for the Maisons du Monde spring-summer 2016 collection. * Maisons du Monde lamps, from ** € 19.99 ** Maisons du Monde paintings, from ** € 12.99 ***

Everything for the kitchen

Maisons du Monde Still in pretty pastel shades, Maisons du Monde sells pretty ceramic pots and decorative elements for your kitchen.

Pastel shades for the office

Maisons du Monde A typical Scandinavian office decorated with graphic elements in pastel colors, you dreamed of it? You will certainly find your happiness in the new Graphik Pastel collection.

"Graphik Pastel", also in the living room

Maisons du Monde A pretty pink bench seat as a sofa and small boxes with pastel graphic prints to better store your small things. * Maisons du Monde storage boxes, from ** € 11.97 ***

Pretty pink

Maisons du Monde Decorate your apartment with these pretty Maisons du Monde accessories for a very soft decoration.

Decorative accessories in shambles

Maisons du Monde For its new spring-summer 2016 collection, Maisons du Monde has seen big things and offers a multitude of decorative elements in line with the "Graphik Pastel" trend. Whether you are looking for cushions, trinkets, paintings, lights or wall clocks, you will certainly find what you are looking for.

An invitation to travel

Maisons du Monde With these pretty paintings representing the plans of the city of New York or that of Copenhagen, Maisons du Monde invites you to travel from the comfort of your living room. * Maisons du Monde "cities" paintings, ** € 12.99 *** * Source: Maisons du Monde *


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