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A daybed for toddlers

A daybed for toddlers

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Adopting a daybed for your little one is awakening the "couch" style from your sleeping area, visually more suitable for receiving friends, playing and reading there. Here are 8 copies for inspiration.


AM.PM ### Sublime, this pretty bench seats us with its lot of soft snow-white cushions against which the comrades of our little wolves will dream of leaning.


Maisons du Monde ### After a white iron daybed, here is a black iron daybed! Always as trendy and retro, it nevertheless embodies more character and a strong temperament.


Maisons du Monde ### Very trendy, the quilted futon-style daybed is a sensation for toddlers. It remains to line it with a herd of numbered cushions to reinforce the style, and thus completely divert it into an extra sofa.

For the little ones

Goal ### While waiting for the little one to grow up, it will be a daybed… with a semi barrier so as not to fall at night!

In wood

Goal ### Little spirit of yesteryear for this all-wood daybed to enhance the charm of the room!


Goal ### Canopy spirit for the daybed in this room! The best way to awaken the princess mood that lies dormant there…

With storage

Goal ### The bed offers the luxury of combining 3 functions: night sleep area, bench seat and storage space during the day!