10 napkin folds to decorate the table

10 napkin folds to decorate the table

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Sublimating tableware with folded napkins is easy and inexpensive! Small book of inspirations to follow or leave.

The cornet

D'Home Productions ### Practical for staging small decorative objects (rattan balls, pearls, pebbles, etc.), the folding of napkins like cornet boosts the style of the table nicely.

The envelope

D'Home Productions ### Soon Valentine's Day… But even without this romantic date, nothing prevents us from sublimating our improvised head-to-head envelopes in which to drop a note, or even a gift!

The lotus

D'Home Productions ### Imposing and majestic, this napkin folding inspired by the lotus flower caused a sensation on the plate!

The cutlery holder

D'Home Productions ### Do you want to arrange cutlery in a chic and original way? Consider creating suitable storage for them with the napkins!


D'Home Productions ### Each guest has a piece of bread to accompany the dinner. It will even be placed in a basket made from a folded towel. Practical and original!

The roller

D'Home Productions ### Simple but elegant, this roll-shaped folding gives pizzazz to the table. We love !

The cone

D'Home Productions ### To give height to the table, this folding napkin in the shape of a cone is ideal!

The range

D'Home Productions ### To give graphics to a kitchen service a little too wise, we use napkins pleated like a fan! It's chic and easy to make.

The Swan

D'Home Productions ### The swan lake inspires us with a winter table decoration on which two or three swans float majestically here and there.


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