The most beautiful Fimo deco tutorials

The most beautiful Fimo deco tutorials

Particularly trendy material, Fimo paste invites to creation and personalization. Witness our 10 pretty tutorials of creations for the house in polymer clay unearthed on Pinterest! On your marks, ready, shape!

Miniature tutti frutti flower pots

Small friendly

This year again, the pineapple plays the extensions in the decoration! The proof in pictures with these tiny containers that bring a touch of vitamin and originality to our interiors. More info on this DIY: Small friendly

A moon suspension

Almost make perfect

If the design of this pendant lamp is a nod to the different phases of the moon, its marbled appearance, made using white and black Fimo pastes, ensures the show! Magisterial! More info on this DIY: Almost make perfect

A storage for jewelry to imitate

Enthralling gumption

All in simplicity and in contrasts, these two trays on feet will welcome your little jewels. To make them, bring white Fimo, paint and then head to the blog Enthralling gumption. More info on this DIY: Enthralling gumption

Good appearence

She wears many hats

They are very cute these small jars with a very authentic style designed in polymer clay. Particularly successful, golden combines with immaculate white to give them a refined twist. More info on this DIY: She wears many hats

A handle to adopt

Mandi Johnson

Practical and decorative, these pretty handmade marbled effect handles will give new life to your wooden furniture while adding a touch of originality. More info on this DIY: A beautiful mess

A flowerpot to adopt

Transient expression

Suspended or placed on the windowsill, this practical, decorative and playful flowerpot will bring a nice note of freshness to our interiors in a minimal palette of colors. In the shape of a ball or more worked, we love it in all ways. More info on this DIY: Transient expression

A flowerpot with a facetious design

Little white whale

Lovers of unusual and offbeat decor will easily fall in love with this seated flower pot. To make it, you just need a vase, Fimo paste and a spray paint. More info on this DIY: Little white whale

Totally marbled

Juju sprinkles

The originality of these creations: their marbled effect. To achieve this, nothing complicated! Once your Fimo pasta of different colors in hand, form balls then sausages. Then line them up next to each other and twist them together. When it's done, all you have to do is roll up the sausage until you get this marbled effect. Nice isn't it? More info on this DIY: Juju sprinkles

Poetic clouds

Madame Citron

Do you like clouds and are nostalgic for old paintings? Then this DIY will please you! Glue beautiful pictures on a blackboard and build pretty clouds of Fimo paste on it. Source: Madame Citron