Pantone 2016 colors in the kitchen

Pantone 2016 colors in the kitchen

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Elected by Pantone, the colors of 2016 are Rose Quartz and Bleu Serenity. Get ready to invite these tender, soothing and childish nuances into your kitchen. gives you ten tracks to dare the pastel duo, by touches or in total look in the kitchen.

Refinement and elegance

Kartell No, soft pink and sky blue are not shades reserved for young girls in bloom. We also like them refined when they play on transparency and finesse of finish. Obviously, we love Jellies Family tableware from Kartell, designed by the talented Patricia Urquiola!

Pastel in the masculine

Bloomingville Because Serenity Blue goes very well with black, we hasten to create graphic tables in the kitchen with blue crockery associated with black and matt pieces preferably. The result is design, elegant… and very masculine!

Magic painting

Dulux Valentine Don't want to redo your entire kitchen to get you up to date? Don't worry, a colorful wall panel will bring a touch of trendy color and brighten up your kitchen in no time! Consider combining a Rose Quartz painting with a gray, white or wooden kitchen. Blue will go well with black, vintage or a different blue cuisine.

Design in Pantone!

Muuto Beautiful idea to have fun by choosing a beautiful designer piece in the new Pantone colors. We love the Nerd chairs by Muuto, which are displayed in very soft tones, to combine with wood. And why not take the opportunity to also change your pendant light with a pink or blue model, ideal for a kitchen?

Tone on tone

Bloomingville The Pantone colors of the season come in many shades and it is an opportunity to have fun playing tone on tone. Subtleties of colors, mixture of forms: it's up to you to create a kitchen with a thousand and one variations (while being careful not to stray too far from the initial Pantone color, at the risk of transforming your culinary decoration into patchwork).

Chic and Pantone utensils!

House Doctor Pliers, spatulas, ladles, whips ... all were treated to a makeover by House Doctor. By combining light wood with Bleu Serenity, you will transform these accessories usually reserved for preparation into real serving cutlery, chic and colorful.

Scattered keys for perfect effect

Maisons du Monde No need to repaint your entire kitchen in Blue Serenity for the effect to be there! Used by touch, the nuance is appreciated just as much, on some drawers of the sideboard, a wooden chair and a new suspension for example. A few brush strokes and voila!

Graphic kitchen

Maisons du Monde The Pantone 2016 colors blend perfectly with geometric graphics. In the kitchen as on the table, use triangles and diamonds which will be softened by a Rose Quartz or a Blue Serenity. We particularly like the Geometrik tableware from Maisons du Monde (€ 23.94 for six plates).

We cook in Pantone!

Le Creuset It's not just the dishes that are beautiful for spring. Pans, dishes and other casseroles are colored and show off. No more dull stoves hidden in the cupboards, we leave these superb containers lying around which put good humor in the kitchen (here the famous Le Creuset casseroles. Admit that it is more pleasant to cook in beautiful!