The wardrobe according to Ikea

The wardrobe according to Ikea

The Swedish brand, professional designer furniture, practical and at low prices invades our wardrobes. Ikea offers a number of solutions so that you can properly store your mountains of clothes, shoes and other bed linens. Follow the guide.

Multiple storage spaces

IKEA Ikea's dressing solutions allow you to create your wardrobe according to your desires and needs. You can thus choose to arrange rods, drawers and shelves to your liking.

Office and dressing room at the same time

IKEA What better way to find inspiration when you work than to be surrounded by small things? As in the picture, why not take advantage of the space in your office to offer you the wardrobe of your dreams?

Optimizing every corner

IKEA Not everyone is lucky enough to have a room dedicated only to storage at home. Sometimes you have to be clever as with these sliding rods that allow easy access to clothes.

Create a dressing room

IKEA Do you have some extra space in your bedroom? Create a dressing space using shelves and a nice curtain to mark the separation.

Use the sub-slope

IKEA When you have a bedroom under the roof, the attic is the ideal place to install a dressing room. A few shelves, a rod and a dresser are enough to create a new space.

Flower arrangements

IKEA To always have your clothes and accessories in sight, opt for open shelves to which you can attach these pretty flower arrangements. * Storage to hang, ** € 12.99 ***

Open wardrobe

IKEA If you are organized enough to keep the interior of your cupboards tidy, the open wardrobe is for you!

Infinite storage solutions

IKEA In addition to selling the wardrobe structures, Ikea also offers a multitude of accessories that will allow you to optimize storage space. Fabric drawers, small lockers, storage pockets, everything is possible.

Thinking from bed

IKEA This is also one of the advantages of the open wardrobe: as soon as you wake up, you can calmly think about what you will put at your friends' wedding next weekend without even having to get up!