Garden: Truffaut novelties for 2013

Garden: Truffaut novelties for 2013

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Spring is not there yet but it is never too early to prepare your garden for sunny days! Also, we invite you to discover in pictures what Truffaut has in store for 2013. A quick overview!

A vegetable patch for children

Truffaut To introduce children to the vegetable patch from an early age, you will find vegetable tubs that will allow them to cultivate at their height to facilitate learning. Your child will have their own little corner and will not fail to be proud of it. Price 59 euros

A two-story vegetable garden

Truffaut And so that everyone, adults and children alike, has a vegetable patch that corresponds to it, you can equip yourself with two vegetable tubs with different heights. The set is sold in raw wood to allow you to personalize it. Price 55 euros

Mini pots for the garden

Truffaut To create a pretty garden decoration with your plants, you can use flower pots which will be real decorative assets. You can for example choose the Landhaus mini-pots which can hang on the wall and which has pretty colors. Price 6.9 euros

Trendy containers for plants

Truffaut To structure your garden, you can bet on tub-shaped pots that will add a graphic touch to your outdoor space. Its gray color will refine the trendy style of this very design jar.

Composite tiles for an original effect

Truffaut To create a pleasant terrace which will be a real extra room when the warm weather comes, you can bet on composite slabs which will cover your terrace with a coating that is both warm and very modern. Price 6.95 euros (i.e. 77.22 euros per m2)

Slate borders

Truffaut To bring a mineral look to your garden in order to create a zen and natural atmosphere, count on natural slate which you can use to create aesthetic borders for your flower beds for example. Price 12.3 euros

Original pots

Truffaut To refine the decor of your garden, consider opting for flower pots that match the style of your outdoor space. So, if you have a Zen spirit pool, bet on natural spirit pots in a designer color like white. Price 74.95 euros

Contemporary round pots

Truffaut If you want to reconcile tradition and modernity, you can choose enameled stoneware pots but which display a modern and trendy color like blue or black which you can also mix. Price 29 euros and 139 euros

Pots close to nature

Truffaut For your flowerpots to blend in with nature, bet on Massaya, an enamelled terracotta pot which takes on a brown color at the base to evoke the earth and green in the upper part to approach the color of the plant. . Price 19.95 euros