10 ways to adopt the hammock trend

10 ways to adopt the hammock trend

Blessed be the hammock! Thanks to him, moments of laziness become privileged relaxation. Ethnic look, "bed" design, indoor or outdoor version, for adults or children, extra module or extra large size: all lifestyles, styles and spaces are ready to adopt it. So what are we waiting for to take action? Browse the models the sides? Let's go.

A hammock / bed to increase comfort

Delamaison The height of luxury for a hammock is to look like an extra bed! The icing on the cake ? Let yourself be overcome by a marquee sheltering it from the wind!

A bamboo hammock to sow a change of scenery

Maisons du Monde By mixing between a bamboo support and a wicker seat, this hammock plays Africa, just to make the garden travel.

A chair / hammock to place it in the bedroom

Ikéa Pratique, the hammock chair, because it is less bulky, sneaks everywhere. With such an argument, even children can claim to own it!

Two hammocks instead of one to avoid jealousy

AM.PM In the middle of the garden, it is not a hammock that takes up residence but two. Thus, we avoid intra-family jealousies!

A miniature hammock to infiltrate small spaces

Ikéa Without taking on the appearance of a chair / hammock, this model has contented itself with an XXS format to sneak in wherever we want, even when we lack square meters.

An outdoor hammock inside to feel in the garden

Habitat Physically, some hammocks are more summery than others. By daring to put them in, we make sure that we have a little tropical note in the house, to relax there as if we were in the open air.

A colorful hammock for traveling at home

Maisons du Monde Adorned with colors and chattering patterns, this hammock invites us to escape and travel…

A smart hammock to rest in all circumstances

Delamaison Whether you only have one tree to hang your hammock or you don't have one, there is always a solution for perching it in the garden!

A hammock with mosquito net to protect yourself from small animals

Delamaison To laze away from insects, falling leaves or flowers, you can easily adopt a hammock with mosquito net. Here is one who understood everything!