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Patricia Urquiola in 10 creations

Patricia Urquiola in 10 creations

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Milanese by adoption, Patricia Urquiola is a versatile Spanish designer who is interested in both design and architecture. Since she created her own studio in 2001, she signs original creations and multiplies successful collaborations with renowned publishing houses like Moroso, Kartell, Foscarini, B&B Italia, Gan Rugs or Hay. From the "Love me tender" sofa to the "Mangas Spaces" rugs and graphic modules, to the dream kitchen "Salinas", or "Dot", the cushion with a refined style, Patricia Urquiola mixes artisanal methods and industrial imperatives like nobody, with sweetness, refinement and sensuality. Spotlight on his journey in 10 flagship creations.

Antibodi, the flower sleeper imagined for Moroso

Moroso As a tribute to the exuberance of nature, Patricia Urquiola created Antibodi in 2006, a lounge chair with an aesthetic touch of poetry. Thanks to a clever work of materials (felt and woolen cloth), shapes and colors, the designer gave life to a whimsical seat comparable to a sensory experience where the impression of lying on a bed of flower petals would be perennial.

Salinas, the dream kitchen imagined for Boffi

Boffi The first kitchen designed by Patricia Urquiola, Salinas plays the modularity card to the core. How? 'Or' What ? Thanks to a wide choice of materials (40 materials combined in total) and finishes, sublimated by contemporary lines as desired. Available in a central island version, open kitchen or lengthwise, Salinas really adapts to all living spaces.

Smock, the chic graphic armchair by Moroso

Moroso Enveloping as you wish, the aesthetics of the Smock armchair obviously recalls the eponymous point, this embroidery with refined sophistication. And to give it a nice touch of modernity, Patricia Urquiola has chosen to decline her seat in a multitude of bright and vibrant colors.

Nub, designer seats for Andreu World

Andreu World Beautiful alternation of lines and curves, the geometry punctuating the design of the Nub seats leaves you wondering. When the solid beech frame offers optimal support, the different legs available reinforce the sophisticated aesthetics of Nub chairs, armchairs and rocking chairs.

Love me tender, the enveloping sofa par excellence at Moroso

Moroso So aptly named, Love me tender is a sofa with an enveloping look, a touch of retro, which brings roundness and pleasure to the living room.

Shimmer, an aerial coffee table for Glas Italia

Glas Italia Work of art? Design furniture? Shimmer blurs the tracks with transparency and elegance. Created by the designer for the Italian publisher Glas Italia, this crystal coffee table is dressed in a multi-chromatic finish capable of capturing light to enhance it.

Re-found, the retro outdoor seat revisited for Emu

Emu Wink of 1950s wrought iron armchairs, Re-Found reinterprets these retro codes with panache in an elegant graphic braiding.

Canasta'13, the new generation outdoor sofa at B&B Italia

B&B Italia Never short of inspiration, Patricia Urquiola has also taken an interest in the outdoor world with Canasta'13, a garden set that stands out from the rest thanks to a subtle braiding, mattresses and cushions in chic and trendy colors. .

Chasen, the air suspension of Flos

Flos In white, as in black, the Chasen pendant lamp recalls the characteristic look of the traditional bamboo whisk, used by the Japanese during the tea ceremony. Very flexible and subtly openwork, Chasen is modular and changes shape as desired, thus making it possible to vary the intensity of the lighting according to the shape given to the lampshade. Smart, isn't it?