Wood warms children's room

Wood warms children's room

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To give a friendly atmosphere to the children's room, materials are important. And it is the wood that we will choose to warm the space in the blink of an eye by playing with furniture, accessories or even coatings. Here are 10 children's rooms to redo.

A warm parquet floor

Paragraph To warm up the atmosphere of a room, the floor covering is a real asset. So, choosing a parquet will make the room a warm and soft space to live. You can opt for real wood or play with imitations by opting for vinyl.

Forest atmosphere

Maisons du monde If your child wants a very natural atmosphere, this will be an opportunity to use wood to the maximum in the room. You will then bet on light wooden furniture that evokes nature like this tree-shaped headboard and you will place a wooden facing on the wall. Be aware that you can also opt for wallpaper that will imitate the boards to perfection.

A retro room

Maisons du monde In a retro-accents room that uses a metal bed, for example, a touch of wood will soften the space. For example, choose a wooden wardrobe to warm the room.

Wood and design

The Collection Do not think that wood is not compatible with a fairly designer style! On the contrary, the designers now offer very refined furniture that uses wood as a raw material like this original bedside table.

School atmosphere

La Redoute Remember the old classrooms, it was the wood that predominated with school desks that gave the charm of the room. In the child's bedroom, we do the same and reintroduce this vintage piece of furniture!

Scandinavian office

The Collection If you prefer a little modernity for the office of the children's room, you can bet on a Scandinavian-inspired desk. It highlights pure lines and combines light wood with white for a warm look.

A cocoon bed

La Redoute For a reassuring room, you can opt for a traditional wooden bed. To accentuate this effect, choose a three-post model that can also be used as a daytime bench.

Storage lockers

Nomad in Paris If you are tired of the metal which is generally used for particularly practical storage lockers in the children's room, you can also bet on original wooden models. The lockers combine to create a very designer piece of furniture.

Wooden accessories

Prairymood Finally, to decorate the entire room, you will find many pretty accessories that proudly display wood as materials like these coat hooks with animal shapes that will look great on a wall.

All dressed in wood!

Alinéa Light wood brightens a room with white parquet and off-white walls. This desk, bench and small shelves set is simple but gives it harmony. The lockers are very practical for storing the many toys.

The bedroom set

Purpose This room will be more appreciated by teens. The oak bed is raised, which allows for secret chests. The shelves serve as an integrated bedside table. The office completes the wood ambiance with its structure in particle board covered with decor paper.

Wood the industrial way

Kave Home Kids can also be trendy with this industrial style bedroom. The small chest of drawers, the headboard and the small cupboard give the impression of a bit of old wood but totally trendy. Perfect for warming up the room!

White for little angels

Natalys It is an angelic child who sleeps in this room. The immaculate white of the furniture gives the impression of a snowy Christmas with this mixture of the red wall and wooden fir trees as coat racks. A winter room as we like it.

My mezzanine

Loggia A multi-function room is possible with this room signed Loggia. As usual, the brand uses wood to create modular spaces. On the right, you can find the bunk bed and on the left, the desk bed. The little extra, lockers that stack to make a small staircase.

The dividing wall

Castorama We know that children need to create their own small play area. With this wooden partition, we delimit the bedroom space to play while bringing a warm side. The plus: the "louver" effect lets in light.

Wood on the walls

Alinéa In this twin bedroom, we bet on the sanded wood effect to warm up the decor. Once repainted in white, it reigns a little retro trendy spirit.

Children at work

Paragraph Homework time has come. This school desk has a comfortable seat and a locker for storing books and notebooks. In a dark and white wood, this pretty desk plays it old-school. We love !

Smart wooden objects

The Tops The caribou night light is great for kids. In varnished wood, this small light adds an autumnal side to a decor. This night light also exists in the shape of a sheep and a giraffe.