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Alinéa unveils its collection for the garden in 2013

Alinéa unveils its collection for the garden in 2013

For spring 2013, Alinéa unveils trends with dreamlike, vegetable and vitamin inspirations. You will discover furniture to help you with the layout but also decorative objects that will make the difference in your garden! We are inspired by images while waiting for the sunny days.

Jungle spirit

Alinéa Nature becomes a style in its own right with furniture that takes an organic inspiration to the image of this Chilean revisited which offers a total wood look to blend into the decor of the garden.

Vitamin spirit

Alinéa The tapered deckchairs skillfully mix trendy colors like gray with other acidulous models like lime green to energize the garden or the edge of the swimming pool.

Colorful spirit

Alinéa And to brighten up the garden, the comfortable armchairs see life in multicolor even for children! Green, blue, red, blue and purple combine to create a patchwork of bright colors. They will be the stars of the children's garden for a very festive style!

Zen spirit

Alinéa For a terrace with designer accents that infuses a note of purity into the outdoor space, the garden furniture is adorned with an immaculate chic white that skilfully combines with a tray of dark slats that meet the blades of the terrace.

Bistro spirit

Alinéa When the garden furniture is inspired by the bistro, it keeps the light and practical metallic lines but offers a makeover with original colors like red and green. We don't hesitate to mix the colors and continue the patchwork with the table accessories.

Relaxing spirit

Paragraph What could be more soothing than a nap in a hammock? We install a beautiful model in colored fabric on the balcony to give it a holiday atmosphere. Suffice to say that you will find it difficult to leave your terrace.

Make shadow

Alinéa And because it's not just the furniture that decorates the garden, also think of the accessories that will add style. You can for example opt for a colorful umbrella!

Plant decoration

Paragraph To highlight your plants which give its decorative dimension to the garden, we put on pots worthy of the name. Alinéa chooses pots in pretty colors which are adorned with delicate floral patterns.

Lighting decoration

Alinéa Finally, to give its atmosphere to the garden, you will find very decorative candle jars which can accommodate colored candles to brighten up your summer evenings. We do not hesitate to multiply them to maximize the decorative effect.