Quick, a bowl of soup!

Quick, a bowl of soup!

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Winter is the favorite time for soups! And this has repercussions on the tableware since the dishes adapt to this dish by incorporating bowls into the decoration of the table. So to accompany you until spring, we offer our selection of very decorative bowls.

A chic and elegant white bowl

Ikea Similarly, remember to choose a bowl color that matches the majority of soup colors that you will prepare. Thus, ideally white will work as well with soups in red tones as in greener hues. You will then grant the bowl to your plates by choosing them from the same collection.

A winter comfort bowl

La Redoute As soups are eaten mainly in winter, we can easily opt for bowls with seasonal decor with deer patterns that settle on the inside of the bowl to reveal a farandole of animals as you finish your soup.

A textured bowl

La Redoute To add material to your table, you can choose bowls with original finishes in the manner of these bowls with a smooth enamel on the upper part while the base has a coarser finish which will create originality.

A bowl for children

La Redoute Children also have the right to their bowl of soup! And to help them finish it, we offer them a bowl with the inscription bravo at the bottom of the bowl which will only be visible when the latter is empty.

A revisited bowl

Paragraph Find out that you don't have to opt for a bowl with a traditional shape. For a more contemporary table, you will opt for a bowl with more of a cup shape like these flared models.

A country style bowl

Alinéa For a simple but good meal, soup is your ally! We emphasize the simplicity of the dish by opting for country-style bowls that repeat the motif of the famous checkered tea towel.

A traditional bowl revisited

Chehoma If you like the traditional spirit of terracotta bowls, you can nevertheless opt for models that combine tradition and modernity with modern enamel decor. We especially like the glossy black effect of these elegant bowls.

All in one bowls

Guy Degrenne To bring a touch of originality to your table, you can opt for very contemporary bowls whose shape is not completely round and which will allow you to place your tablespoon on the plate to create the decor on the table.

A very natural bowl

Jia Inc Finally, because soup is a natural dish, we offer it an equally natural setting, reminiscent of a water lily. The bowl thus creates the flower while a cup plays the leaves for a very elegant style.