Selection of indoor plants to green the house

Selection of indoor plants to green the house

At the start of the year, there is a terrible lack of sun, but not only! The dense vegetation of past seasons, we would also like to find. So while waiting for spring, a solution: surround yourself with indoor plants! Our 8 favorites.

Banana tree

Visoflora Bananas, these large herbaceous plants with large leaves, delight the living room with their generous volume. The other good point? To be able to take them out from May to the end of September, in full sun, on the balcony, the terrace or in the garden!


Wikipedia Perennial and persistent, the calathea is neither bulky nor too small. In short, thanks to its medium size, it fits everywhere to bring a little greenery inside


Fotolia - Mr Doomits Climbing plant, ivy has the advantage of dressing up beautifully and in no time, the interior of greenery. Warning ! Do not let him take full possession of the space!


Truffaut Funny with its fleshy stems, this funny plant perfect a vegetable and punchy touch inside.


Floramedia To twist space, here is an ideal shrub named Dracaena with 3 canes. Forming a tuft, then developing a trunk with age, it brings dynamics and greenery to our decor.

Weeping fig

Depolluting Plants Less known than the weeping willow, the weeping fig (large shrub or small bushy tree) takes its name from its arched branches, see drooping. Adorable!


Truffaut In search of a voluminous vegetable note, we have chosen a variety of fern forming large compact tufts, with erect then drooping fronds: the nephrolepis.