50 years of decorative tableware with LSA international

50 years of decorative tableware with LSA international

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It was in the hectic 1960s in London that Janusz Lubkowski approached Terence Conran, then head of Habitat, and offered him a line of tableware in colored enamel. 50 years later, his daughter Monika Lubkowska-Jonas is the head of LSA International and strives to maintain the artisanal values ​​of his father while opening the range to wooden trays, porcelain dishes and fine glassware. Back on 50 years of beautiful tables.

Touches of white

LSA International A tableware that combines transparent and white glass, resolutely modern. The Otto line, released from the brand's archives for its diamond anniversary, is not lacking in panache. * Otto line, from € 20 *

A tower of champagne glasses

LSA International This is the assortment you need for partying. In transparent or colored glass, these glasses of champagne will accompany you at each celebration. * Assortments of Tower champagne glasses, from € 60 *


LSA International Both modern and refined, the glassware from the Olivia range has perfect curves. Each piece is handmade. * Olivia range, from € 25 *

Back to basics: white earthenware

LSA International For its 50 years, LSA International reinterprets traditional tableware. Vitreous china and blown glass combine with ash elements for a very natural design. * Circle range, from € 14 *

Everything to party

LSA International Cocktail glasses, cups and candle holders are adorned with gold for a glamorous and festive tableware. * Celebrate range, from 48 € *

Pallets for drinks

LSA International Inspired by Tyrolean bars where shots of homemade spirits circulate from person to person on beautiful specially made wooden trays, the Paddle collection is available in oak or beech wood. * Paddle range, From € 37 *


LSA International With its sober lines and angular shapes, the Otis range is both minimalist and modern. It offers everything you might need to serve water, wine, champagne and cocktails (in moderation of course). * Otis range, from € 48 *

The wooden service

LSA International When glass elements with sober lines combine with the softness of ash. The Lotta range is all that is most refined. * Lotta range, From € 30 *

Block vases

LSA International Have fun developing your floral decoration with Modular vases. Do not be afraid to vary the height and thickness of the containers for a successful staging. * Modular range, from € 18 * * Source: LSA International *