10 tidy desks for inspiration

10 tidy desks for inspiration

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Who says big spring cleaning says beautiful clean office! Sort, tidy up, organize ... These watchwords will help you achieve your goal: create a pleasant space that makes you want to work at home. Organization is therefore essential! Here is a selection of 10 desks that rise to the challenge of storage and which must be inspired at all costs.

Many drawers

Stylizimo blog

Drawers integrated into the desk to hide the papers and voila! Source: Stylizimo blog

Wall mounted shelves

House number 15

Attach shelves to the wall to unclutter the workspace: clever idea! Source: House number 15

Integrated storage in the office

Dea vita

This design wooden desk has built-in storage so that no space is lost. Source: Dea vita

Use the wall to store

Brico bistro

Fit a functional corner to work? Nothing's easier ! Just attach a table and wall shelves. Source: Brico bistro

The combo of drawers + lockers

Placing a wooden panel against the wall delimits the office space and you can fix your storage space there. Convenient between small lockers and drawers! Source: Hadas y Cuscus

Wall ledges

Peek it magazine

As an alternative to traditional shelves, the edges to be fixed to the wall are just as practical for arranging your small office things. Source: Peek it magazine

A storage column under the desk

For a desk with a clean look, choose a column with many drawers to slide underneath. Source: Turbulences deco

The ideal configuration for the tidy desk


This beautiful desk has it all: it combines storage columns, shelves and boxes to sort files. We love ! Source: Mariekke

The office of your dreams

To merry mishap

Between the shelves, the storage boxes and the pencil pots fixed to the wall, everything is there but nothing exceeds! Source: A merry mishap


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