The child's bedroom with an industrial look

The child's bedroom with an industrial look

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If you want the children's room to follow the industrial trend of the rest of the house, you will be able to decorate it by taking inspiration from the factory spirit. Vintage furniture and old toys then take their place in the room. Discover decor ideas for children in pictures.

A room around the wood

La Redoute For a raw but warm atmosphere in the child's room, wood is a good compromise. We will therefore choose it raw enough for the floor, the furniture and the decorative accessories. Some metal accessories will work well.

A room mixing style

La Redoute In this room, the concrete floor already brings a raw character. We will then have mismatched vintage furniture such as a sofa bed, a metal chest of drawers ... Then refine the decor with accessories in natural colors which will enhance you in places with fluorescent touches.

A room with diverted furniture

La Redoute To create an industrial atmosphere in the children's room, you can opt for diverted furniture. Thus, trade furniture such as post secretaries can become a school desk and factory lockers storage compartments.

A dark colored room

La Redoute To create an industrial atmosphere in children's rooms, the choice of colors is essential! You will opt for example for black or gray and you will bring out the whole decor with more vivid colors like blue and yellow.

A workshop-style room

La Redoute If you are carrying out work in your interior, why not swap the traditional window for a workshop window with its large metal uprights. Then, refine the decor with retro furniture and colors like black and taupe.

A room with marked colors

Purpose And if you created one of the markings on the walls such as signage in factories? So use paint to create a basement that you will define with a new color. Be sure to use strong hues like red and green.

A female industrial chamber

Ikea If you want to bring industrial accents into a little girl's room, you will simply bet on metal beds and that you will insert in a retro decor and voila!

The wallpaper of the industrial room

The Collection In the girl's bedroom, we soften the industrial spirit of the furniture by using an aged effect wallpaper that seems to overlap several patterns as if some pieces had been torn off.

A factory-style room

Purpose In this room, the bed becomes ultra functional by serving as both a sofa and storage. For the raw industrial aspect, we put on an architect's lamp and "burlap" style cushions with the word factory.