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A Haussmannian apartment with Fifti accents

A Haussmannian apartment with Fifti accents

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Eight months of work will have been necessary to transform this Haussmannian apartment with the quaint charm of the legendary rue des Martyrs in Paris, into a cocoon with the sweet scent of yesteryear for the new owners of this 180 m²: a couple in their forties and their little girl. At the head of this ambitious project, the architect and interior decorator Marion Alberge who, with a master's hand managed to combine classicism of the Haussmann style and fifties decoration. Visit places in pictures!

A Japanese-inspired hallway

Cyrille Robin By opting for a typical layout of Japanese dwellings - known as the genkan - Marion Alberge has given a creative and decorative dimension to the hall, imagined during the renovation of the apartment.

An open kitchen

Cyrille Robin If, at first, the owners wanted to barter the old partition for a glass roof. They finally made the choice to open the kitchen to the living room. A tip that helped give a new identity to the room, optimize the brightness and visually create a feeling of space

Retro cuisine

Cyrille Robin And to give unity to the whole space, the architect opted for a vintage-inspired decor in black and white with a zest of blue color. Psychedelic cement tiles, mottled bar seat, quartz worktop and glass sheet splashback make up this most attractive kitchen, adapted to current lifestyles.

Mix & match atmosphere

Cyrille Robin In the extension of the kitchen, there are the toilets where we find, once again, the famous cement tiles. An explosive jumble of geometric and floral patterns that energizes the space and gives it the touch of fantasy that it once lacked.

A multifunctional dining room

Cyrille Robin One of the old bedrooms has given way to a multifunctional dining room of around twenty square meters. This plays the role of both a reception area and a workspace. The originality of the room: all the furniture has been found, except for this sublime custom-made table in marble and oak designed by the Belgian brand Heerenhuis Manufaktur.

An eclectic living room

Cyrille Robin Communicating with the dining room and the office, the 35 m² living room gives pride of place to eclectic furniture: Berber carpet, Haussmanian fireplace, mustard yellow fifties armchair and leather armchair.

Classic decor

Cyrille Robin Like the bathroom, the wooden door giving access to the office has been kept rough. This wood nicely highlights the cornices and Haussmann moldings.

A room full of freshness

Cyrille Robin In the 14 m² children's room, there is a soft and radiant decor, a touch of vintage. To give character to this monochrome decor, the architect opted for a diamond pattern wallpaper signed Ferm Living. A graphic bias that wonderfully echoes the many ground patterns present in the apartment.

A sunny bathroom

Cyrille Robin In the master bathroom, there is a warm decor in yellow and white, refined and neat. On the ground, a graphic tiling which highlights the vanity top in Corian, made to measure.