Fun and inexpensive tableware for children

Fun and inexpensive tableware for children

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Getting your child to eat all of his plate, mission impossible? No more deploying talents of creativity and ingenuity thanks to our ten favorite products at low prices. Cutlery in the shape of carrots, mugs to customize, egg cups in the shape of a knight or sumos, a special princess tray ... your children will love it!

A princess tray

Doiy No more hassles at mealtimes thanks to this adorable meal tray for our little princesses. Now the meal can be fun and educational. What more ! Princess meal tray: 34.90 euros

A coloring mug

Khala porcelain These are mugs that should make everyone agree. The concept: writing cups. Where to extend the snack time and develop the creativity of our kids with ease! Coloring cup: € 14.90

A salt and pepper shaker

Fred Putting magic in our children's dishes becomes a breeze with this salt and pepper shaker set in the shape of a magic wand. Abracadabra! Recite your spell and let the magic happen! Salt and pepper shakers magic wands: 9, 95 euros

A dog head lunch box

Ikea No more sandwiches and snacks wrapped in two steps three movements in a vulgar plastic bag. With this clever and practical lunch box, taking your meal on a school outing or picnic becomes an easy and fun thing for your toddler. Smaska ​​lunch box: € 3.99

A box for retro meals

Bathroom graffiti If its design will undoubtedly please parents who knew the era of the game boy, we put our hand to cut that it will also satisfy our toddlers adepts of video games of all kinds. Useful and design it has everything! Lunch box 3 models: 8, 94 euros

A funny spread knife

Koziol Brighten up your child's daily life with this functional, vitamin-colored knife. As fun as it is practical, aesthetic as ecological ... thanks to it, the gloom is over at snack time! Yummi spreading knife: 4.65 euros

A sumo-shaped egg cup

PA Design Eggs, the beast of your toddler? Thanks to these sumo-shaped egg cups, ready to take their last beating, your children are sure to finish their plate. So ready to organize a sumo fight? Be careful, the loser eats everything! Sumo egg cup: 14 euros

A knight's egg cup

Peleg Design After a trip to the land of the rising sun, head for Arthur's reign with these egg-shaped knight egg cups, perfect for transporting a hard-boiled egg. So ready to take part in armor-fought games? Arthur egg cup: 11.50 euros

A kit for the little ones

Amadeus And finally, here is a nice lunch box with soft colors and attractive patterns that your child will enjoy transporting to all of the family's kitchens. 5-piece meal set Globe trotter: 33, 90 euros


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