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Brass in the spotlight in the new Skultuna spring summer 2016 collection

Brass in the spotlight in the new Skultuna spring summer 2016 collection

For more than 400 years, Skultana has been creating and selling very beautiful decorative metal objects. For their 2016 summer collection, the brand, created by King Karl IX of Sweden in 1607, once again offers decorative objects imagined both for everyday life and for the exceptional events of our lives, all mostly in brass. Their idea? Create the antiques of tomorrow.

For the office

Skultuna These pretty pencil jars are part of the "Ink Desktop" collection imagined by Emma Olbers. They will add a touch of chic to your office. * "Ink Desktop" container, from ** € 51 ***

A miniature factory

Skultuna Designed to receive your small tealights, this miniature factory is in fact a replica of a factory located in the Swedish town of Skultuna. A nice way to revive this destroyed and reconstructed place several times. * Candle holder "The Factory", ** 71 € ***

Organize and decorate your office

Skultuna The Skultuna "Wilkinson Desktop" series, also designed by Lara Bohinc, will allow you to organize your office in style. * Wilkinson Desktop Collection, from ** € 107 ***

For a beautiful floral arrangement

Skultana This beautiful brass support was imagined from floral motifs from the Art Deco period. You can use it as it is, hang it on the wall or garnish it with freshly picked flowers. * Skultuna brass support, ** 238 € ***

For your plants

Skultana Skultuna also thinks of pampering your plants. Make your flower pots a real decorative element by choosing them in brass. * Flower pots, from ** € 77 ***

Pretty bell

Skultana Imagined by the Swedish designer Olof Kolte for Skultuna, this pretty bell in wood and brass is available in several colors. * Skultuna bell, ** 101 € ***

The chic and sober chandelier

Skultuna What could be more beautiful and chic than a chandelier with a sleek design? This is what Skultuna offers you with the Nattlight range. * Nattlight chandelier, ** 107 € ***

When the letter writer returns to service

Skultuna There was a time when the most beautiful romantic relationships were recounted through beautiful handwritten letters. Nowadays, correspondence is disappearing. Bring them up to date with office accessories from the new Skultuna collection.

Pink brass

Skultuna These pretty little rose gold containers are available in gold and silver. Matt or shiny, they are the perfect receptacle for small tealights. * Small Kin Design candlesticks, ** from € 29 ***