Plant rehabilitation for a house in Hanoi

Plant rehabilitation for a house in Hanoi

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When the architectural firm Vo Trong Nghia Architects is interested in urban issues and its lack of green space, it gives the renovation of a house with vegetation in the heart of Hanoi. A very green creation designed to serve as a model for dense cities where air pollution is becoming a real problem. Discover this incredible house in pictures.

Before / after: from townhouse to villa des champs

Hiroyuki Oki, Vo Trong Nghia Architects The house to renovate is an old town house, about fifteen years old. Like all houses of this type, it suffered from the difficult climate of the city and its changes. The lack of security has also led residents to place security barriers on balconies which makes them unusable. In its new version, the house is both secure and sanitized without denying a certain design.

A plant trellis on the facade

Hiroyuki Oki, Vo Trong Nghia Architects The security elements have thus been replaced by a trellis which secures the house and makes it possible to obtain climbing plants on the entire facade. They have the function of filtering the air and also reduce energy consumption by playing the role of a natural insulator both to keep the indoor air cooler in summer than to insulate the house in winter and respond to problems. tropical. A pleasant result both for the inhabitants and for the neighbors who benefit from a plant view.

An interior with open spaces

Hiroyuki Oki, Vo Trong Nghia Architects Inside, to take advantage of maximum light, the spaces were fully open. This gives an imposing living room which hosts a dining room and living room in a contemporary style inspired by the Vietnamese style with wood as the centerpiece from floor to ceiling through furniture.

Interior openings

Hiroyuki Oki, Vo Trong Nghia Architects To bring even more light, the living room has large openings which allow non-direct light and thus prevent heat from entering the house too much. Result: the feeling of being outside while enjoying the interior comfort.

A design and graphic style

Hiroyuki Oki, Vo Trong Nghia Architects The decor tip of this house? Play with the lines by using the natural veins of the wood first but also by accentuating this effect with a raised ceiling. The clean lines are also found on the staircase with the banister but also the wall stones or the choice of glass bricks for certain openings. A refined result which remains warm thanks to the use of wood.

A skylight throughout the house

Hiroyuki Oki, Vo Trong Nghia Architects The whole house is crossed by an opening within it which allows to create a real skylight and offers this feeling of interior / exterior. It is also a real tip for balancing the temperature of the house.

A central staircase as the heart of the house

Hiroyuki Oki, Vo Trong Nghia Architects Another key element in the renovation of this house: communication between spaces. After the large openings, the architects also wanted to create bridges between the different spaces and placed the very contemporary staircase as a centerpiece in the living space. By this refined choice, the agency has further maximized the amount of light.

Rooms with a view of the vegetation

Hiroyuki Oki, Vo Trong Nghia Architects To offer serene space in the bedrooms, each one has a view of the plant wall of the facade so as to naturally air condition them but also improve air quality. A real vegetable immersion that goes wonderfully with the dark wood mostly present in the room.

A roof that serves as a vegetable patch

Hiroyuki Oki, Vo Trong Nghia Architects In the continuity of this eco-friendly rehabilitation, the architects also imagined a roof terrace which accommodates a vegetable garden and thus allows to offer a space of greenery and breathing in the heart of the city . A real example for cities with high urban density. More info on


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