Get inspired by the most beautiful achievements of Jardins en Seine 2016

Get inspired by the most beautiful achievements of Jardins en Seine 2016

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Want to leave the city for the garden without going out? It's possible with the 12th edition of Jardins en Seine! A unique event where the greatest professionals realize ephemeral gardens on the terrace of Mont-Valérien in Suresnes (92). The theme of this year: the "garden of tomorrow", the opportunity to discover original and inspiring creations for your terrace / balcony. Horticulturalists, nurserymen, landscapers, designers and artisans invite you to travel. Discovery in pictures!

A flower-clad base

Aurélie Corvisy Next to the bike, a pretty wooden table has been installed and painted in red. The detail that caught our attention: the flowered base of primroses, or how to easily decorate outdoor furniture for the summer.

A fully recycled garden

Aurélie Corvisy First prize of the Schools, the lycée de Montreuil impressed the jury with this surprising garden. Decorated with recycled elements such as preserves, pallets and plastic bottles, this creation surprises and challenges. Do you want to make the same plant column at home? Take plastic bottles, wire and a craft knife. This column will allow you to grow radishes, spinach, arugula and even strawberries!

Jeans as new flower boxes!

Aurélie Corvisy Even more surprising than the plastic bottles, the high school students of Montreuil used their old jeans to give them a second life by transforming them into… flower boxes! The clothes are filled with straw and earth, the water is kept by the fibers of the jeans and the perennials seem to like it.

A garden with a spa area

Aurélie Corvisy Let's go and taste the water in the swimming pool with Design O Jardins, specialist in swimming pool and playground design. Next to the ephemeral garden is a spa to relax the older ones. Its light slab allows it to be installed without difficulty on a terrace.

A sunbathing garden area

Aurélie Corvisy At the foot of the spa, the parterre created consists of lawn, pebbles and perennial plants that recall the rays of the sun. Enough to add cheerfulness to your garden.

A children's playground

Aurélie Corvisy To the right of the garden is a nice corner specially designed for children with a brightly colored playground. The flexible floor made of EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene monomer) guarantees the safety of children. Toddlers can settle in the trapper's cabin to taste it, share their secrets and enjoy a sunny afternoon to play hopscotch. Be careful not to set foot in the water!

A contemplative garden

Aurélie Corvisy The Prize of the City of Suresnes was awarded to this beautiful contemplative garden. Access the large arch across the aisle covered with basalt tiles and admire the teak beam in the shape of a crocodile on the right. Each work designed in metal brings elegance and height to the whole. The garden also received first prize in the landscape competition.

The garden: an extra soul

Aurélie Corvisy What is the garden of tomorrow? "A garden capable of bringing extra soul and structure" explains Stéphanie Taffin, gardener initiated into feng shui and yoga. The smaller it is, the more you play with the height and volume of the garden.

Outdoor wallpaper

Aurélie Corvisy The atmosphere designer Didier Danet received the Press Prize for this triangle garden composed of a magnificent Wall & deco wallpaper. While wallpaper seduces our interiors, why not also install it outside? Ideal with cushions in bright colors for a cozy and ultra-decorative atmosphere.

A Zen garden

Aurélie Corvisy Prix des Partenaires, this space in two shades of gray and green immediately immerses us in a Zen and charming atmosphere. Installed in the armchair, we listen to the noise of the water jets and let ourselves be guided by nature.

Water jet

Aurélie Corvisy Besides, where does the water go? The jet of water present in Pierre Berdoulat's garden passes over boxwood bushes to fall into another basin. He invites to focus his mind on the sound of the water for a few moments.

A small garden nest

Aurélie Corvisy The landscaper Nordscape imagined a wooden geodesic dome. This tailor-made nest recalls the shape of the sun or of a fruit whose uprights refer to the alveoli of bees. Once covered, the structure acts as a greenhouse or garden shed. On the ground, peach and apricot hulls are used as vegetable gravel and mulch and can even replace concrete on roads. A small 100% ecological garden nest!

A connected garden

Aurélie Corvisy Roots Paysages sees the friendly garden of tomorrow as a new connected living room. Lighting and watering are therefore programmed via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on the mobile. The plant wall, a real decorative element, is fed by the basin which collects the water and feeds the hanging plants.

Public's favorite

Aurélie Corvisy The public's crush returns to the relaxing garden created by the Studio in Situ. A universe that is both alpine and exotic with its spa and wooden bench seat, around conifers and palm trees bordering the swimming area.

Decorative furniture in the garden

Aurélie Corvisy On the furniture side, the Studio in Situ did not do things by halves! Imported from Indonesia, this pretty outdoor furniture is in solid teak for a relaxing and decorative effect.

Palm furniture

Aurélie Corvisy These singular pots are actually palm trunks from the Far East. Magic !

An oriental garden for the Olympiads

Sophie Lloyd Live and in front of the public, some gardens were created as part of the Olympiads, a competition aimed at promoting the profession of landscaper. This year's theme: "Les Jardins d'Orient", or how to build a beautiful creative and inspiring garden in 16 hours on 16 m2 of land.

A futuristic work of art

Aurélie Corvisy * Last but not least *, the public "favorite" price reserved for Schools, this ephemeral garden is a real work of art. Invaded by water, this futuristic decor was created by the School of the Environment and the Living Environment of Jouy-en-Josas. A staging located in April 2381, where the land is submerged and nature takes over with aquatic plants: papyrus, reed, bamboo and aralia from Japan. A garden that makes us think…


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