10 decorating ideas we steal from restaurants

10 decorating ideas we steal from restaurants

Are you short of decoration ideas? Take advantage of an evening at the restaurant to look around and spot the tips and tricks that could go well in your interior. has selected the best decorating ideas to enhance your decor.

Mix sofa and chairs

Many Now the living room and dining room are often one. So to properly mix these two spaces, do not hesitate to put a sofa or lounge chairs around your dining table and more classic chairs.

Choose graphic patterns

Gallika - Take Eat Easy Whether at the level of the tiles, the splashback or a section of wall, do not hesitate to choose a structured and colorful pattern. This will wake up the room and naturally bring it more light.

Bring the green plants into the house

Ober Mamma We don't promise that the tree from the Italian restaurant Ober Mamma will come home, but you can try to put a little green in your interior with climbing plants like ivy. Good news, it will grow at high speed without any special maintenance!

Color the walls differently

Ibadji - Thats Mee If you don't like colors that are too flashy, prefer neutral tones to the walls but boost your room by displaying vases, collection bottles or travel spices, for example, to bring a touch of color and give an industrial style to your apartment.

A retro corner bar

Telescope - Ashley Ludaescher For all lovers of an evening with friends, nothing like a bar at home! Add bar stools in front of a worktop, and your dinner aperitifs will have a crazy charm. The little extra? Install designer pendant lights above your bar.

A Scandinavian spirit

Clint - Cerise sur le Gateau / La Trentaine Parisienne The Scandinavian style has become essential. And at home too, it could well become! For this, we get the idea of ​​white furniture that we associate with small round wooden tables. Minimalist and refined, your room will have nothing to envy to Norwegian interiors.

A rough stone wall

Schwartz's Deli - Lauralou If you are lucky enough to have a stone wall in your house, modernize it in a loft spirit by hanging paintings, signs or neon light letters. You can also play it American style with leather benches and bar stools.

Decorate your walls yourself!

Mama Shelter To never tire of your wallpaper or the color of your kitchen, you can install a slate wall or a coating on which you can write or color. Drawing on the walls will no longer be prohibited! Your children will be delighted…

Modern and design lighting

Paris New York - David Foessel On the lighting side, no more unsightly halogens! To give new life to your interior without changing everything, choose pretty designer pendant lights in a copper color for example.