February sees life in passion red!

February sees life in passion red!

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If February were to have a color, it would probably be red! Whether we like it a little, passionately or madly, the color of lovers has the gift of awakening the decor with pep or glamor…

Red in a busy room

The most recommended pieces for a red decoration are the most energetic: the kitchen and the living room. The reason is simple: this color has the distinction of bringing pep and dynamism to a space. It is therefore better to choose it where you receive, where you activate the stove, where the whole house is found ...

Red to awaken snow-white decor

Twister a white to white interior with a simple touch of color, it has style. And this color can be red… Demonstration in pictures.

Red to create chic

In fashion, red dresses have the guts to overshadow black dresses in that they dare to play the card of glamor more. In decoration, it's the same. The red, chosen in a shiny or lacquered aspect, naturally infuses a glam 'chic style which is not displeasing to the fairer sex ...

Red in small doses to preserve softness

Since too much red translates into strong energy, we can also opt for this color in small touches only in order to maintain the tranquility of a room. This is the case in this decidedly soothing room where only two red notes stand out from the general color chart.

Red to make a room warmer

The color of fire does not only bring energy: it also has the gift of warming the interior. In a gray living room like this one, it therefore provides comfort and conviviality!

Red to electrify a too wise atmosphere

Want to boost a piece a little too wise for your taste? The red color is at your service! Here, only the curtains are responsible for revitalizing the atmosphere, and it works!

Red to highlight a space

In a black & white room, it is difficult to bring out one element of the decor more than another. But by injecting a note of red, the space changes dimension! Ideal for emphasizing a particular wall or decorative items that you want to highlight.

Red in total look for a decor that has punch

A decoration almost red, or almost, is a risky bet. However, by balancing one's temperamental strength (it's still the color of fire) with natural materials and subdued lighting, this challenge can work. The proof above!

Red for a feminine atmosphere

In search of a feminine color, red meets your desires. You can even combine it with pink to temper its strong energy! Discover even more inspiration photos by color: here!


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