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Sia presents its spring-summer 2013 collection

Sia presents its spring-summer 2013 collection

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Creative and amazing, the Sia spring-summer 2013 collection presents flowers and branches that are more real than life, original containers to accommodate them, but also candles, candlesticks, lighting, tableware and furniture. We invite you to discover the brand's inspirations in tune with the heyday and decorative trends.

A natural collection

SIA Sia will not fail to bring nature into your interior by offering you a collection of flowers and branches more real than life in order to flower and vegetate your interior in all elegance. Spring then settles in the house.

An exotic collection

SIA For the outdoors, Sia puts on an exotic spirit with dark wood furniture that is awakened with textiles that are inspired by nature and bright, ethnic colors like yellow and orange.

Spring Shadow inspiration

SIA This trend draws from Monet's colors, the vegetal suppleness of the Art Nouveau ornamentation and the luxurious work of materials. The colors are sky blue, powder pink and celadon green for a sophisticated and natural interior with objects like silver mirrors, cracked ceramic vases and furniture with subtle patinas.

Ocean Treasure inspiration

SIA This collection features ocean shapes with accessories that are directly inspired by algae, shells and fish. The house then takes on a seaside look like Cap Cod or Cap Ferret. Driftwood settles in the house and comes with accessories of aquatic and graphic bouquets.

Graphic Jungle Inspiration

SIA If you like the exoticism of the jungle, you will bet on an urban jungle spirit inspired by the exuberance of tropical forests. The fabrics of the customs officer Rousseau serve as inspirations. The furniture is both sculptural and minimalist in its lines in order to enhance the material. The objects are dressed in leopard and grain of animal skins.

Happy Colors inspiration

SIA To awaken summer, Sia offers ultra-colorful objects that highlight the original shapes and patterns inspired by Scandinavian nature and folklore, the roots of the brand. Butterflies and birds end up infusing the spring spirit and developing the imagination of the decor.