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London luxury at the Chiltern Firehouse Hotel

London luxury at the Chiltern Firehouse Hotel

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Housed in a former fire station built in 1889 in the Marylebone district of London, the Chiltern Firehouse Hotel is a luxurious and timeless place, where staying becomes an experience for all senses. The service is impeccable (personal concierge for each room) and the decoration made with noble materials such as marble, combining the historicity of the place and incomparable comfort. Overview of this mythical place.

Plants are also used in luxury

Chiltern Firehouse The hotel lobby skillfully blends the very cozy English style with the ubiquitous plant life. A winter garden where we like to relax and which amazes the eyes, before going up into one of the sumptuous rooms of the establishment.

London luxury in its purest form

Chiltern Firehouse In developing the hotel, the idea was not to completely transform the place that imposed itself. Very British, the decor of the bar is therefore imprinted with floral patterns on the fabrics, the floor is covered with a thick carpet when the ceiling is adorned with white wooden tiles. London luxury in its purest form.

The classic room

Chiltern Firehouse In the two * classic rooms * of 23 and 27 m², overlooking Chiltren street or on falconry, nothing is left to chance. Fireplace, personalized bed linen, mahogany headboard and marble console in the bathroom make these luxury shelters.

Luxury suite

Chiltern Firehouse More than a bedroom, the * Loft Suite * is a real apartment. Covering an area of ​​43 to 52 m², these suites have the particularity of being bathed in natural light. There are noble materials (mahogany in the bedroom and marble in the bathroom) and some rather vintage details such as a dial telephone and a hanging lamp as a bedside lamp. Luxury is in the details but also in the space: in this matter, we appreciate having a bedroom separate from the living room with fireplace, the large separate dressing room and the bathroom equipped with a freestanding bathtub as d 'a walk-in shower.

A very chic marble bathroom

Chiltern Firehouse Favorite for the hotel bathrooms, especially for the Courtyard Room. The decoration focuses on the nobility of the materials like marble, polished tin and the generosity of the proportions. The huge marble worktop adorns the room, which is open to the outside, with charming Victorian windows. Obviously, you will have an old-fashioned bathtub and a shower for more comfort.

A loft in a 19th century building

Chiltern Firehouse Another hotel suite: the Firehouse Suite. Arranged like a loft, we appreciate it for its open space which brings a real feeling of freedom. From 43 to 49m², these suites were installed on the second or third floor to maximize natural light. As with the other bedrooms, the decoration succeeds in combining classicism and modernity.

Ultimate luxury: the Laddesrsheld Loft

Chiltern Firehouse The Laddersheld loft are located on the third and fourth floors, above the lobby, each on its own floor. With four large windows, they are bathed in light. The open space aims to free up perspectives. In the bathroom, in addition to the marble floor and basin, there are magnificent antique French mirrors.

73m² in a luxury hotel

Chiltern Firehouse In these 73 m² furnished for the comfort of its occupants, we discover large openings overlooking the courtyard, quiet and Cheltern Street. The very large living room is arranged around the first fireplace, the second being in the bedroom. In the beautiful bathroom, there is marble on the floor as around the basins. A toad armchair completes the decoration. A digest of calm and voluptuousness.

A starred restaurant

Chiltern Firehouse To make sure nothing is spoiled, a restaurant run by star chef Nuno Mendes offers modern, refined cuisine at the crossroads of European and American gastronomy. An exceptional table in the continuity of the place. More info on