My laundry room is getting a makeover

My laundry room is getting a makeover

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Having a laundry room is not for everyone. So when we are lucky enough to have one, we must pamper it! Far from the cliché of purely practical laundries, we have chosen to arrange and accessorize it with style and taste to revamp it as a decorative piece. It remains to choose the right ingredients.

With a clothesline that doesn't look like

The Collection Clotheslines are definitely nothing sexy in a laundry room. Unless you reinvent yourself in the form of a long necklace ... Hanging sheets and clothes has never been so decorative!

With custom clothespins

Ferm Living If you have a sense of detail, these are clothespins that you will love. Customized with black stripes, they have everything to sublimate on the dryer!

With a chic ironing board

La Redoute If the ironing board is an essential tool, nothing prevents us on the other hand from choosing it adorned with pretty patterns. This is the case with this one and its gray covering with white dots. Chic and girly!

With pretty baskets

Ferm Living A laundry basket is not only functional! This, a real decoration accessory, is the embodied proof.

With beautiful storage

Ferm Living There is no question of removing the shelves and clothes racks for storing clean linen. On the other hand, nothing prevents us from completing them with small storage spaces full of colors and pep, like fabric bags with patterns to hang on wall hooks! To separate our underwear, it's ideal…

With subtly staged household accessories

Iris Hantverk The laundry room is mainly intended for linen, but it also hosts, most of the time, the various household products and household accessories! Beautiful people who hardly enchant them, unless they turn them into decorative objects and put them on the wall. It's bold, original, and resolutely chic!

With a decorative sticker

Ferm Living To energize the walls of the room, we adopt a stickers! Both chic and inexpensive, this accessory brings a decorative touch with ease. The idea? Favor the representative models of the laundry room: clotheslines on which birds have settled, a clothes line on which dresses, pants and panties are linked ...