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I equip the house with the new Lapeyre collection

I equip the house with the new Lapeyre collection

For the year 2013, Lapeyre offers to change your house or apartment without moving! On the program: new materials to change the floor, gates, windows and doors to change the look of the house but also bathrooms, kitchens and storage solutions.

A welcoming front door

Lapeyre Your front door must reconcile security and aesthetics! Lapeyre offers you many models of doors, from the most classic to the most design to give a good first impression of your interior while securing your home.

Robust and decorative shutters

Lapeyre To protect your windows, nothing like robust shutters. But also know that these are the finishes of your house and that they will bring their decorative touch to your facade. Lapeyre offers shutters that will perfectly adapt to the style of your home.

Fence systems for the garden

Lapeyre Outside, you will also find systems to close your garden and benefit from your privacy when the sunny days allow you to settle in the garden. You will find very beautiful wooden panels to preserve the natural aspect of the garden.

Bold interior doors

Lapeyre To close your interior rooms, the new 2013 collection offers you sliding doors with a bold design to give style to your interior. We particularly appreciate the sliding doors in screen-printed glass that let in light.

Floors for all styles

Lapeyre To give your interior a new look, change the floor! You will find many parquet floors for all styles like this clear model which will be easily installed in a children's room.

Storage systems to organize

Lapeyre Nothing like a well-organized house to feel good! You will then opt for Lapeyre storage solutions which allow custom storage thanks to numerous modules.

Discreet storage

Lapeyre If you want the storage to be discreet, Lapeyre offers built-in wardrobes whose doors become real decorative assets for your room thanks to very designer finishes.

A new kitchen

Lapeyre To change the rooms of the house, we put on a new kitchen! We then offer ourselves a trendy model that combines warm wooden cupboards with white worktops that evoke the Scandinavian style.

A new bathroom

Lapeyre And if you want a new bathroom, change the furniture to offer you trendy models in very trendy and soothing gray wood, ideal for the bathroom.