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What decorative style for my vegetable patch?

What decorative style for my vegetable patch?

Good news: the month of March and the arrival of sunny days is fast approaching! For budding or experienced gardeners, it is time to equip yourself with a container dedicated to the vegetable patch where to grow vegetables, fruits and aromatic plants of all kinds. It remains to choose the style that suits you!

Design vegetable garden

Hurbz How can you resist these vegetable pots? Their singular graphics indeed has everything to amaze us: 4 modular and nomadic containers, formats at different scales, rounded lines and futuristic design: we already dream of adopting it…

Space-saving vegetable garden

Ikéa Thanks to hanging boxes, having a vegetable patch becomes accessible to small spaces, such as balconies. Aromatic plants and berries are easily grown there!

Structured vegetable patch

Truffaut Compartmentalized, this generous vegetable garden, placed directly on the ground, makes it possible to differentiate the growth of salads from those of coriander or cherry tomatoes. Ideal when you have space and you like the organization…

Recovered vegetable garden

Ikéa With ordinary wooden crates (like wine crates for example), it's easy to improvise small containers to grow your vegetable garden! A simple and ingenious idea at zero euros!

Girly vegetable patch

Truffaut Here, it is on a raised planter of flashy pink color that an additional vegetable garden is installed. Trendy!

Classic vegetable garden

Truffaut Here is a vegetable garden with a very traditional style: wooden structure, large surface: everything to spoil our green thumb!

Fashion vegetable garden

Truffaut For those who have a green thumb, here is a traveling vegetable garden dressed in a very stylish purple color. Or how to combine fashion and botanical humor!

Vegetable basket

La Redoute A miniature vegetable garden housed in several woven rattan bins: that should charm more than one! Long live the "country chic" style in our gardens…