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Le Pigalle: a hotel full of neighborhood life

Le Pigalle: a hotel full of neighborhood life

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This small neighborhood hotel with decoration made of mixtures, history (s) and feelings, defines itself as representative of the new Athens, that corner of Pigalle in which it is installed and where it welcomes passing travelers. At the heart of the concept: multiple collaborations with ultra-local actors, ranging from the kiosk to the baker through the cocktail specialist or the neighbor DJ, to report on a subjective but lively Pigalle. Le Pigalle is also a restaurant, bar, nightclub and lounge in which local residents and foreigners dine together, chat and listen to cutting-edge music. In terms of decoration, the place is both elegant and personalized, worked in the spirit of the neighborhood by architects from the Camondo school. He wants to be the mirror of an identity not Parisian but which one could qualify as "pigalienne". Visit this very special hotel, in which past and present mingle happily and where any stay becomes an experience.

Accumulation of details

Hôtel Le Pigalle In the bedroom, the gaze wanders through objects and through time. The decoration, created by Charlotte de Tonnac and Hugo Sauzay, gives priority to simple materials in order to play on the accumulation of details. A poster, a painting or a lamp, on which the eye stops to delve into the history of Pigalle, punctuated by artists and poets at the end of the 19th century. Here, we take our marks in an inhabited place, a bit like spending the night with a friend in the neighborhood, far from the standards of licked but impersonal decoration hotels.

Shared room

Hotel Le Pigalle Original, the "Pigalle 12" rooms have bunk beds, which makes it an ideal space to enjoy Paris with friends or family, as they communicate with the "Pigalle 15", double rooms. Its simple comfort and its decor filled with small details make it a cozy place with a pretty view of the courtyard.

A typical and poetic view

Hôtel Le Pigalle Some rooms at the Pigalle hotel have a superb view over the rooftops of Paris and more precisely over the rooftops of rue Frochot. We literally fall for this openness to the neighborhood, with a sweet nostalgic poetry.

Music at the heart of Pigalle

Hôtel Le Pigalle One of the strong points of the Pigalle hotel is that it has been able to recreate a neighborhood atmosphere that goes beyond decoration. All the senses are solicited and music takes its own place. Each room has either an iPad station with personalized playlist, or a 33 rpm turntable, sharp vinyl included. The Pigalle 21 even have a sublime 1950s bar to complete this moment. A nice touch for travelers looking for discoveries.

Veined marble to stick to the neighborhood

Hôtel Le Pigalle For some rooms, the decorators have chosen to create bathrooms fitted with veins in veined marble typical of the district. This "low-end" marble was used at the time to copy the arrangements of the beautiful districts while adapting to the standard of popular life of the inhabitants of the surroundings of Pigalle. We like the imprint of this research documented in decoration.

Suite 35: luxury and authenticity

Hôtel Le Pigalle Nestled on the top floor of the hotel, Suite 35 is a luxury jewel. These 35m² with a view of the Sacré Coeur are transformed into a series of special attentions for guests: a period musical selection made by musicologist Vitor Kiswell to listen to on a retro turntable, a bar carefully stocked with the finest liqueurs and a majestic bathroom open to the bedroom, decorated with emblematic 20th century furniture in Paris.

Retro bathrooms

Hôtel Le Pigalle In some of the rooms, there are bathrooms of authentic simplicity. Tribute to a bygone era, they awaken nostalgia with their ceramic pedestal basins, so retro.

Open rooms

Hôtel Le Pigalle All the hotel rooms (except Pigalle 12) have an open bathroom or shower. A choice that enlarges the perspectives and creates true mini studios of charm. We like these open lines, reinforced by the juxtapositions of materials such as marble, ceramic and woodwork.

Groundfloor: the nerve center of the hotel

Hôtel Le Pigalle On the ground floor, we really understand that we are not only in a hotel. No lounge, no restaurant, no bar, no nightclub, it's all at the same time! True nerve center of the place, it is here that the evenings are in full swing to the rhythm of the most sophisticated DJs, that we taste a simple food but always made from good products and that collaborations with the heralds of the neighborhoods forged. Life, music and taste: it's a bit like Pigalle's vision that we find at Groundfloor. More info on