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Decorative ladders in all rooms of the house

Decorative ladders in all rooms of the house

Ladders are not only useful when doing work! Become a decorative object in their own right, they are diverted into different pieces of furniture to brighten up a room and make it more functional. And when the bars invade the house, they come in a multitude of styles and materials. Get ready, get inspired!

A light ladder

Urban Outfitters At Urban Outfitters, the scale shines brightly in decoration! Simply hang a light garland - colored or not - on a wooden ladder and you will have a light out of the ordinary. Install it in a room that you use more in the evening such as a bedroom, an office or a reading corner for example.

Divert a ladder into a towel rack

Ikea The bars of a ladder are very practical for hanging objects from. The proof, used as a towel rack, this wooden ladder is ideal for a tidy bathroom. The little extra? You can sit down and get dressed when you get out of the shower and store a dirty laundry bin.

A shelf like no other

La Redoute Interieurs You no longer support your impersonal shelves and your libraries seen and reviewed? Trade them for an original ladder-shaped storage unit, to be fixed on a wall. All you have to do is decorate it with decorative objects, books and magazines or even indoor plants.

The jewelry holder is reinventing itself

Urban Outfitters Necklaces have an annoying tendency to become tangled if they are not hung. To overcome this, install a metal ladder in your bedroom or bathroom and hang your necklaces and other accessories on each of the bars to form a jewelry holder. You will also save a lot of time choosing your finery in the morning! Price: 86.30 euros

A ladder in the kitchen

Ikea In this Scandinavian kitchen, the atmosphere is refined so as not to overload the space. Rather than adding large storage units, a ladder acts as airy storage space. A good compromise if you need additional storage.

Choose an original library

Kavehome This ladder library is less bulky than straight models and yet it can hold a lot of objects. Use it more in a dining room to store your dishes than to store books, which could fall on the sides of the furniture.

Put some greenery

Ikea It is not always easy to have plants at home without cluttering the space. But, there is an ingenious solution: to have a pedestal. It is in the form of a bamboo ladder and can accommodate up to five pots in front of a window, a large mirror in a bathroom or even a kitchen sink. Price: 45 euros

Give pep's to a main entrance

Idealista Blog Energize a small entrance thanks to its wooden ladders which act as coat racks! You can put your coats, hats and bags there but also hang your sunglasses or small compartments to slip accessories that you are likely to forget when passing the door.

Optimize space

Ikea If you lack space in a room, optimizing the space does not only mean thinking about its layout at best. You can also find clever furniture that allows you to store more things, like this model which has several floors.