Having fun in the bathroom: our decor tips

Having fun in the bathroom: our decor tips

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While we spend a lot of time there, toilets are often the forgotten ones in the decoration of our homes. Yet a playful and graphic trompe l'oeil wallpaper, a few quirky decorative accessories, innovative connected objects and a bit of audacity are enough to make this place a more pleasant and welcoming space, where it is good to bask and have fun. Explanations in pictures!

A wallpaper for comic book lovers

Per Jansson To create an original and playful atmosphere in your toilets and change from the traditional white wallpaper, opt for an XXL BD on your walls. Wallpaper inspired by comics or manga, the choice is yours. One thing is certain, it will occupy your mind and give real added value to this space. Source: Delikatissen

A slate wall to adopt

Ouriço Arquitetura E Design You can also exchange your traditional wallpaper for a slate wall on which your children will enjoy scribbling. A good idea to display your desires and create a unique atmosphere in your toilet. Source: Ouriço Arquitetura E Design

A reading corner

Leroy Merlin Take inspiration from bookstores to create a small reading corner in your toilet. Displayed on the wall using magazine racks, your books and other magazines will be ready to be consulted at any time.

Newspaper clippings as wallpaper

Leroy Merlin Otherwise, you can also customize your toilets with a wallpaper representing newspaper clippings and thus read directly on your walls. Whether you choose to buy a model in store or prefer to make it, it will surprise your guests.

Two in one paper

Minigougue So that your toilet paper does not trail on the ground and is accessible at all times, opt for this tree-shaped roller holder. Practical and fun, it can also be used to suspend your reviews. Source: Minigougue

A living wall covering

5.5 design studio Forget dull and unpopular wallpapers and dress your walls with originality with this playful model inspired by the Labyrinth game. A way to teach our children to draw and find their bearings in space. Source: 5.5 design studio

A wall of expression

5.5 design studio This is a fun wallpaper that will amuse more than one. Inspired by the grids of mixed words, this one offers you to find and compose a maximum of words skilfully hidden on this coating. The idea: each paper gradually differentiates to reveal a manual and spontaneous graphics which takes on a unique character depending on the pens you will use. Source: 5.5 design studio

Connected toilets

Kohler We definitely do not stop progress and sanitation is no exception! The proof with these connected toilets. Called Numi, this luxury model does not just welcome you with personalized voice messages and mood lights. No ! It also offers you to adjust the temperature of your seat, to control the seat, the water jets but also to record the preferences of each user using its remote control. At the same time, the bluetooth connection allows you to stream music from your smartphone or directly store your playlist using its SD port. Source: Kohler / productDetail / toilets / 949936.htm? SkuId = 949924 & brandId = 430036)

A musical toilet paper dispenser

Phone cruncher Finally, music lovers will be delighted to discover icarta2: a toilet paper dispenser capable of broadcasting our favorite music to the toilet thanks to its two speakers and its bluetooth function. Or how to delight our ears whatever the place. Source: Phone cruncher