Green grass, to consume without moderation

Green grass, to consume without moderation

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The euphoria of pastel colors makes the bright colors look different. Yet there is one that comes out of the palette in these first days of good weather, it is the green grass. At the same time tender and hard, sparkling and cheerful, it is part of the theme of the last House and Object which makes the house alive. To put in all hands of budding decorators!

The seat

Sanderson For a revisited spirit "Le Douanier Rousseau", vegetable green blends into the decor with this leafy motif which places it in the center of nature.

The couch

Ikea In velvet for softness, the green grass awakens the desires of nature after a long winter month.

The buffet

Ikea In this Scandinavian style living room, the grass green buffet awakens the soft brown tones and nicely modernizes the vintage spirit that reigns in this loft.

The wallpaper

Au Fil des Couleurs Like a plant wall, ginko leaves invade the walls of this room with its plant intertwining which bring a breath of oxygen.

The club chair

Maisons du Monde Green offers the advantage of combining with many colors. Here, red and yellow give it good looks while asserting a unique style at the crossroads between a living room of Indian and English spirit.


Ikea If colors like red or brown are going to delight lawn green, white highlights it. Fresh and dapper, this duo of tones should be consumed without moderation.

The vases

Ikea Just by touches, the green grass takes possession of the plump and chubby vases. They stimulate and energize this dark wooden sideboard.

The armchair

Maisons du Monde The pop style easily adapts to grass green. Quite unexpected, an explosion of colors emanates from this decor. Between green, red and blue… color is at its peak!

The little decor

Purpose The decorative accessories are colored in lawn green and are scattered throughout the room. On the sofa with the cushions, on the coffee table with the dishes or on the walls with the paintings.