A holiday home apartment in Barcelona

A holiday home apartment in Barcelona

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When the architect studio CaSA renovates the top floor of a building from the 60s in Barcelona in Spain, it transforms it into an apartment worthy of the most beautiful holiday homes with a feeling of pleasant space, incomparable brightness and distribution turned outwards to take advantage of the climate. Visit in pictures to make you want to go on vacation.

Indoor / outdoor space

Roberto Ruiz / CaSA Isn't the characteristic of a holiday home to take advantage of the hot summer air? The architects thus imagined the apartment opening onto the outside with terraces which extend inside to bring summer into the house. The terrace is thus split in two with a space that integrates into the living room, closed from the outside, and another more classic.

The interior terrace

Roberto Ruiz / CaSA Like a room in addition to the house, the semi-outdoor terrace offers an original relaxation area that gives a holiday air. Materials specific to the outdoors have been selected to create the seat and colorful cushions provide comfort and style. To delimit the space and offer a feeling of exterior, the wall and ceiling have been covered with light wooden beams for an atmosphere that is both natural and contemporary.

An outside terrace linked to the inside

Roberto Ruiz / CaSA On the other side, the more classic terrace remains linked to the rest of the house. It has a large window that opens onto the living room and a large picture window that allows the interior and exterior terrace to communicate. The table installed outside extends in the living room through a window to have the feeling of being outside even in winter.

Friendly cuisine

Roberto Ruiz / CaSA The kitchen was naturally open to the living space to create a friendly environment conducive to family moments. Large in size, it allows everyone to participate in the preparation. In addition, the central island is oriented so as to cook while being able to participate in conversations in the living room.

A separate entrance

Roberto Ruiz / CaSA To keep the space open while delimiting the other spaces, the CaSA studio has imagined an entrance that almost disappears from view but nevertheless remains functional. For this, they preferred a metal tube structure that materializes the entrance rather than a partition or furniture that would amputate the space.

A modular separation

Roberto Ruiz / CaSA When the sleeping area needs privacy, the large wooden door allows for real separation and thus makes the large corridor leading to the bedrooms disappear. To facilitate circulation, the door pivots to maximize the wide opening and let in light.

Bright rooms

Roberto Ruiz / CaSA In the rooms, the architects wanted to offer a simple and effective decoration with particular attention to the brightness. The walls have thus adopted a white which reflects the light and the large window offers a set of curtains which makes it possible either to diffuse the luminosity or to block it.

Bathrooms integrated into the bedrooms

Roberto Ruiz / CaSA The bathrooms open onto the bedrooms to offer a feeling of freedom. We again find the tubular structure of the entrance to create a practical space that does not block the eye. Each room is assigned a friendly tiling color.

Storage but no furniture

Roberto Ruiz / CaSA Always with the idea of ​​maximizing space and offering a feeling of freedom, the storage furniture disappears in favor of light structures in tubes which remain practical without taking up too much space. More info on the CaSA studio