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A natural family apartment, like a playground

A natural family apartment, like a playground

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In Taiwan, for the Stone family, spending time together and developing as a family is essential. They wanted an apartment that allows them to fully live their family life by thinking of space for their little girl and by offering her a real creative playground. The result gives a playful space and a relaxing natural environment to live in family in harmony. Visit their original apartment made by HAO Design.

Participatory entry

Hey! Cheese / Hao Design From the entrance of the apartment, the playful tone is given with a blackboard wall that allows everyone to write little words for the family, drawings or even cooking recipes. Practical, the wall also conceals storage so that the family takes off their shoes at the entrance.

A living room dedicated to creativity

Hey! Cheese / Hao Design The Stone family wanted to offer their daughter an inspiring environment. Also everything has been thought of for family activities: the piano is installed in a recess with wall storage perfectly integrated into the room, the table is large to make room for activities, a gardening space has been imagined in the center of the latter and a reading corner is also available.

A real playground

Hey! Cheese / Hao Design The originality of the apartment? It hosts real attractions for young and old alike. The living room thus incorporates a beautiful wooden slide, thought out lightly so that it can be removed to save more space, but also a swing which offers the room an original seat for the whole family. Even "favorite things" lights allow you to integrate objects created by the family.

Delimited spaces

Hey! Cheese / Hao Design Despite the total opening of the living room, it offers well-defined spaces to match each activity. The reading corner, for example, is installed in a niche which offers a real feeling of intimacy for quieter moments.

A family kitchen

Hey! Cheese / Hao Design Like the rest of the house, the kitchen is family oriented and dedicated to sharing. The latter is therefore open to the rest of the room and offers connection spaces with the rest of the apartment, like the counter that serves as a work plan and lunch area.

Optimized storage

Hey! Cheese / Hao Design To make the space equally practical, the architect thought of numerous storage spaces integrated directly into the room. Thus, the walls are covered with cupboards or shelves and a library is used to delimit the sitting area from the rest of the room. As for the staircase which leads to the slide, it is also a storage unit to make it disappear from view and not to lose space.

A lounge for relaxation

Hey! Cheese / Hao Design Separated visually by a bookcase and a colored wall, the living space is intimate and comfortable with poufs at ground level that can be transported easily to modify the configuration of it and meet all times of the day with family or alone.

A natural parental bedroom

Hey! Cheese / Hao Design To create a harmonious room, the architect continued to work with natural materials in this room too. The wood thus provides a warm environment and the green color a soothing atmosphere. The bedroom also offers a reading lounge dedicated to relaxation thanks to a simple space enhanced by a step.

A simple and practical children's room

Hey! Cheese / Hao Design The living space of the apartment is already a real playground, the child's bedroom plays the card of simplicity with a "practical" wall where storage and office are installed. As for the ambiance, the natural spirit remains in place but enhanced by a warm pink.