A child's room, two beds!

A child's room, two beds!

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One bedroom, two children. For brothers and sisters who share the same square meters, here is our most beautiful slideshow of pairing beds!

Fluorescent bed linen

AM.PM Bed linen with neon pink accents for one, bed linen with neon yellow accents for the other. Or how to awaken the whiteness of a children's decor while personalizing everyone's beds!

Twin beds

Maisons du Monde Perfect copies, these two children's beds really make a pair!

Striped / dotted wallpaper

Ikea Wisely arranged face to face, these two cribs are distinguished from each other by the wallpaper of the wall against which they are leaning: polka dots or stripes!

Checked bed linen

AM.PM These are children's beds which, in addition to being real twins, stand checkered! A wise pair like an image.

Two-tone walls

Purpose One half of purple decoration, the other half of turquoise blue; on one side, Mademoiselle's bed, on the other, the young man's bed! In this room, life for two begins with the delimitation of space.

Bunk beds

Purpose Bunk beds are the space saving solution to create two sleeping areas on the same surface. The only difference: each child has his hero!

An extra bed

Ikea Having two beds in the children's room does not necessarily mean that they have to be pushed together! The proof with these two beds separated by a play area ... You can also have an extra bed that will accommodate small guest (s).

A golden / silver headboard

La Redoute Golden or silver headboard, for sweet dreams!

Pink versus white

Ikea We know that the easiest way to define the spaces of a little girl and a little boy is the choice of colors. White for one, pink for the other, and voila!

A multifunction bed

Vertbaudet We love this bunk bed which offers an unusual function: a desk tablet which folds up when the homework is finished. Ideal for saving a few square centimeters!

Sheets in different colors

AM.PM In this room, white has been chosen to give a neutral appearance. Only the sheets, in different colors, remind each of the children where their little personal corner is.

A real dorm!

AM.PM In this room where two bunk beds have been installed, it is the saving of space that is at stake. The most of these models: large drawers so that nothing hangs out and hinders passage.

High beds

Leroy Merlin We really like the idea of ​​installing the beds high and separating each of the spaces with a storage unit that goes up to the ceiling. Everyone has a real little corner of privacy.

Everyone has their place

Maisons du Monde In this large room, two bunk beds have been arranged. Thus, each child can welcome friends when the urge tells them without intruding on the place of the other.

A bed on casters

AM.PM Here is a solution for children who often receive friends or for blended families: the box spring that slides with the mattress under the main bed. Convenient !

Different style beds

Ikea In this room, two very different bed styles have found their place. A very contemporary bed decorated with colorful pennants and another more retro metal with flowery bed linen. The two harmonize perfectly.

Accessories of different colors

Ikea Sometimes it's the age difference that makes the choice of decor in the bedroom. Here, the corner of the teenager has been arranged on the left with modern accessories while the space of the youngest is softer and traditional.

A room in perfect harmony

Vertbaudet You can also choose to harmonize the room with a plain wall and identical beds and bed linen.


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