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Espace Loggia transforms small spaces

Espace Loggia transforms small spaces

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At Espace Loggia, space optimization is a specialty! Also, they offer innovative solutions that transform spaces as needed with very ingenious retractable furniture. We invite you to discover these transformations in images from a single piece.

A day in the blue room

Espace Loggia 5:00 p.m .: After tea time, it's homework time. One then brings down one of the retractable trays in order to position a desk on the benches. It only remains to install his chair to get to work.

A day in the blue room

Espace Loggia 9 p.m .: After a busy day, all you have to do is lower the bed in order to switch the bedroom to sleep mode. In a jiffy, the already made bed is at the right height to accommodate the child.

A day in a room for two

Espace Loggia 10h: The day begins and the children have plenty of time to have fun in their beautiful room. They can sit on the bench for reading or in the office for work. All without the beds disturbing the space.

A day in a room for two

Espace Loggia 3:00 p.m .: The youngest takes a nap while her brother does his homework. The young lady's bed then takes its place on the bench while giving access to the office so that each child can do what he wants.

A day in a room for two

Espace Loggia 3.30pm: Now it's the opposite! The brother takes a nap while his sister quietly looks at a book on the bench. Everyone has their own activity!

A day in a room for two

Espace Loggia 9 p.m .: Everyone in bed! And for that, we lower the two Murphy beds so that everyone has their space to sleep peacefully without the room being too crowded.

A day in a studio

Espace Loggia 12h: For meals, we sit at the retractable table which folds and unfolds as needed to install up to four people. We note that this table will also be very useful as a desk for students.

A day in a studio

Espace Loggia 3 p.m .: We switch to lounge mode for a moment of relaxation. It is ideal for receiving friends without being cluttered by the table because it has disappeared in the furniture to give you more room.

A day in a studio

Espace Loggia 22h: Still in the same room, we lower the bed nestled closer to the ceiling to transform the space into a comfortable room that does not take up space during the day. What optimize space!


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