10 DIY to recycle your old CDs

10 DIY to recycle your old CDs

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Tired of seeing your old scratched or unused CDs piled up in the back of your closet? What if we told you that there are solutions to transform them into practical and decorative accessories for the home. Ingenious ideas that we invite you to discover today. To your notebooks!

Personalized coasters

Crafts by amanda Want to give your aperitif table some pep? Nothing's easier ! Simply transform your old CDs into colorful and festive coasters using multiple fabrics of your choice and a glue gun. Your guests will love it! More info about this DIY: Crafts by amanda

A distributor of eco-friendly plastic bags

Our peaceful planet Another nice idea to remember, this pretty distributor of plastic bags simply made using a plastic bottle, an old DVD, a marker and sticky tape. Simple and clever, we love it! More info on this DIY: Our peaceful planet

Christmas balls

Creme de la Craft Cut your old CDs into several pieces which you will then glue on a transparent Christmas ball at random. And here is an original and unique ornament for the tree. More info on this DIY: Time to DIY

A bird drinker

Me my and DIY New look for this drinker for birds which has been covered with a pretty mosaic made with old CDs. The result is stunning ! More info on this DIY: Upcyclethat

A mosaic credenza

Up made CDs broken into several pieces and then stuck randomly on the kitchen wall? Here is the good idea for a decorative credenza, at a reduced price. More info on this DIY: Instructables

A spectroscope for children

Buggy and buddy With a simple cardboard roll covered with the paint of your choice, a CD and a little patience, your toddlers will quickly manage to make this spectroscope. Where to take care of your children in a creative and fun way. More info on this DIY: Buggy and buddy

A numbered plate

Make it easy crafts No need to spend a fortune buying a numbered plaque for the exterior of your home! Use your creative fiber to make this black and white mosaic model. Attempted ? Head to the Make it easy crafts blog, which explains step by step and in pictures how to make it. More info on this DIY: Make it easy crafts

A lamp to imitate

Photocreations Favorite for this lamp made using a multitude of old CDs. Be careful, if you decide to get started, know that good notions of DIY will be necessary. More info on this DIY: Photocreations

A DIY clock

Morena's corner We love the recovered spirit of this handmade clock which is composed of an old painted CD and covered with a stencil in the shape of a butterfly and with the words "Vola", metal rod and glass beads . An original piece that we like to adopt in our living room. More info on this DIY: Morena's corner


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