Green wooden objects

Green wooden objects

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If you want an ecological decoration, know that you can turn to wood! But beware, we do not choose any species because it must meet certain criteria such as the ecological management of the forest of origin. You will also find recycled wooden furniture and accessories to make you happy. Discover our selection of objects in pictures.

A wooden bench

Punkalive The Punkalive company which offers this bench uses wood from a forest located less than 100km from the production plant in order to reduce pollution linked to transport. In addition, the heat from the manufacture of the material and furniture is used to fuel the city's heating system.

Wooden coat hooks

wewood Wewood proposes to value wood as a noble and solid material. Thus, this company offers simple coat hooks in oak, walnut or solid cherry.

Wooden dishes

FR66 At FR66, we use chestnut from sustainably managed forests to offer a whole bunch of very designer decorative accessories like these multicolored dishes that will brighten up the table.

Wooden hangers

Papiluc To offer you original hangers, go to Papiluc which offers hazelnut hangers made by hand in Corrèze. And to top it off, they are painted with water-based paint.

A wooden buffet

Kann Design Very original, this sideboard is in fact made from scrap wood for its finishes. Thus, there is no less than 40% of wood recovered to make this piece of furniture which will be the centerpiece of your interior.

Wooden coat hooks

Reine Mère At Reine Mère, all wooden objects come from a beech forest in the Jura. They are then also manufactured in the Jura in order to minimize the pollution caused by transport.

Wooden tableware

Ekobo Even at the table you can use wooden dishes! You just have to choose its service at Ekobo which uses bamboo to offer you a very natural design.

A wooden shelf

green furniture sweden To make a unique and ecological shelf, Grenn Furniture Sweden offers models made of blocks of wood salvaged from solid floor manufacturing industries.