Butterfly orchids: 11 varieties to catch on the fly!

Butterfly orchids: 11 varieties to catch on the fly!

It is not because they are the most common that they are the least beautiful. Phalaenopsis - or butterfly orchids - are indeed prized by amateur gardeners for their reasonable cost and ease of maintenance, which explains why they are so commonly encountered in our apartments and offices. Beyond this practical argument, these orchids have the great merit of offering a particularly abundant and sustainable flowering. Their single stem can flourish in several stems each welcoming at least 3 to 4 flowers. From the swollen and full-blown bud to the blossoming flower, it can take several months during which the Phalaenopsis offer the spectacle of an uninterrupted flowering. In addition to botanical species, many hybrids from crosses allow everyone to find the color to suit them.

Phalaenopsis yellow

J-F. Mahé Here a yellow Phalaenopsis, the genus which comes in several thousand hybrids of various shapes and colors.

Phalaenopsis orchids

J-F. Mahé A charming pink hybrid with finely striated petals and a heart decorated with a hint of orange

Phalaenopsis intermedia

J-F. Mahé Phalaenopsis intermedia is a primary hybrid of Phalaenopsis equestris and Phalaenopsis aphrodite.

Phalaenopsis orchids

J-F. Mahé What audacity for this hybrid whose lip, surrounded by barely colored petals, combines stripes and spots of great finesse.

Phalaenopsis Hybrid (Vanda Ruby Moon)

J-F. Mahé A Phalaenopsis hybrid Vanda Ruby Moon captured before the buds hatch. Its deep pink petals are nicely speckled.

Phalaenopsis orchids

J-F. Mahé Its spots with free patterns give this hybrid a lot of freshness.

Phalaenopsis Hybrid (Vanda Blue Magic)

J-F. Mahé The Vanda Blue Magic is a fascinating hybrid Phalaenopsis with its flowers ranging in color from light blue to dark blue.

Phalaenopsis orchids

J-F. Mahé The gentle transition between the pink lip and the yellow-orange petals gives the impression of dealing with a blushing hybrid.

Phalaenopsis antarctic

J-F. Mahé Even whiter than snow, here is the Phalaenopsis antarctic!

Phalaenopsis orchids

J-F. Mahé The reminder of pink on the tips of the petals gives the flowers of this hybrid the appearance of stars.