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10 surprise aperitif ideas for dad

10 surprise aperitif ideas for dad

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Father's Day is fast approaching! The perfect opportunity to please him, put small dishes in the big ones and make him a memorable aperitif thanks to our ten ideas of aperitifs. Discovery!

Little penguins to taste

Tramier Snacks in the shape of penguins made with a carrot, black olives, spreadable cheese… this is an original and fun idea that will please your father and the rest of the family. Source: Tramier

Face-shaped babybel

100 layer cake Does your papa swear by the famous mini babybel? Make him happy and surprise him with this original and creative recipe. Tempted? Using a sharp knife, cut out part of the red wax surrounding the cheese to create your character's hairstyle. All you have to do is make the features of their faces using cumin grains. Easy as pie ! Source: 100 layer cake

Pretzel-style mini-croissants

Beau à la louche Your father loves croissants and pretzels? Then he will no doubt be won over by this recipe for small sandwiches. To be enjoyed without moderation. Source: Beau à la louche

Mini appetizers to chew

Small dinners with friends Sandwich bread, a few slices of ham and emmental ... these are the ingredients that you will need to gather if you decide to make these miniature appetizers. Perfect for a dinner aperitif! Source: Small dinners with friends

Savory madeleines

Healthy delicacies Want to surprise your guests? We swap the traditional and mellow sweet madeleine, symbol of French delicacy, against this salty version of the most appetizing. Source: Healthy treats

A marine aperitif

Alexis Birkmeyer Another nice idea: these little healthy delicacies in the shape of small vessels. Want to reproduce them at home? Direction the nice blog Oh happy day. Boarding! Source: Oh happy day

A flaky heart

La main à la pate What better way to melt your daddy than a heart-shaped dish? Unroll your puff pastry, spread it with mustard and sprinkle with grated cheese. Then cut it into strips and roll your sausages one by one. Once this step has been completed, place them in your previously greased dish and assemble them in the shape of a heart. Source: La main à la pate

A blooming bread to share

Dorian cuisine Do you have some sun-dried tomatoes, basil, garlic, a little Parmesan and pine nuts in your cupboards? Then you have everything you need to make your own blooming bread. Source: Dorian cuisine

A Portuguese lanche revisited

Food reporter And finally, head to Italy with this recipe for Portuguese lanche revisited in Italian sauce. His secret: the dough was rolled up on itself, cut into sections and baked in the oven. A real treat ! Source: Dad in the kitchen