I want rafters in my decor!

I want rafters in my decor!

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The rafters are everywhere now, they invite themselves on the walls, the sheets and all the decorative items they can find. As we love them, here are some decor ideas to integrate them into your interior.

Modernizing an old wooden chest of drawers

Atelier318 / Howdy Honey To modernize an old wooden chest of drawers that is a little too dark, nothing could be easier. Bring a pastel paint, masking tape and a little patience. For blogger Howdy Honey, the result is top notch. Source: Etsy

Pastel color in the nursery

Beaumondemama To decorate a nursery, we often think of the softness of pastel colors. In this one, we find them in the wallpaper with irregular chevrons as in the small pennants in fabrics of the same pattern. Source: Beau monde mama

Gray and yellow in the room

Apartment Guide To add a personal and colorful touch to a rather sober room, these matching yellow and gray quilts and cushions are perfect. Source: Apartment Guide

Discreet in the kitchen

Will and Cam Dress the recess of your credenza with a pretty gray herringbone wallpaper. This beautifully decorated alcove will happily welcome everyday dishes. Source: Will and Cam

Rustic chevrons to make yourself

Little Brick House To dress up a somewhat sad wall, embark on the creation of these pretty wooden rafters! A DIY proposed by Little Brick House.

For a festive table

Timeless For a wedding or a special occasion, think of the sky blue chevron table runner. It will go very well with pastel dishes and golden glasses. For a retro-champrêtre spirit right on trend. Source: Timeless

A little fun on the stairs

Brico Bistro To give your staircase a facelift, why not paint chevrons on the risers? Source: Brico Bistro

Black and white in the bathroom

One Fine Stay For a beautiful black and white decoration in your bathroom, do not hesitate to mix, as in the image, materials and geometric shapes while respecting your color code. We find on the ground, in a very large version, our dear rafters. Source: One Fine Stay

As a work of art

Hill Country Rehash / Ariele Alasko Chevrons can become a decorative object in their own right. They are found on pretty painted canvases where they form a shades of bruises and moles, at the head of the bed or even on a table for DIY effect / artist's workshop. Source: Hill Country Rehash and Esprit cabane