10 tables to eat in your kitchen

10 tables to eat in your kitchen

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The kitchen has become a real living room, and therefore the dining area is now very often part of the room. If you want more than a snack corner, then you must install a dining table that is both aesthetic and functional in your space. Here is our selection of 10 tables to find your family in the kitchen.

A dining area in the kitchen

Conforama Forget the bar counter or the snack corner! To be able to sit down properly and share your meals with your children, opt for a small dining table and colorful furniture, which you will install in a corner of your room near your dishes and cutlery.

A small Scandinavian table

H. Goluza Morgane Sézalory, the creator of the Sézane brand, has bet on a Scandinavian spirit for her cuisine. On the menu, a soft Nordic blue, white chairs and a beautiful rectangular wooden table. These colors make it possible to have a brighter and above all more convivial room.

Reinvent home cooking

Ikea Today a living room and often a dining room, the kitchen table needs to reinvent itself. Ikea has understood this by offering playful and easy-to-move furniture as well as colorful seats so that you can have lunch with your family without setting the table in the living room.

A high table as a dining area

Scandinavian Cocktail Change of decor and style! In this room with a breathtaking view of the sea, you are invited to take to the heights to share a brunch with your loved one or a dinner with friends. With a high table, you will save space while having out of the ordinary furniture.

Bet on a Scandinavian table

Odesi The Dutch design brand Odesi offers solid wood tables that give an undeniable charm to the room. In a kitchen with minimalist decor, a Scandinavian model like this one (Solid Mist reference) will look great and structure the room.

Formica in the kitchen

Les Gambettes Formica is making a comeback this year, in pop and modern versions, for our greatest pleasure! Ideal in the kitchen with mismatched school chairs and pastel colors, for gourmet and decorative meals for several.

A table without legs (or almost)!

Cuisinella This Lenna dining table has the distinction of having only two legs, not four, since one side of the furniture is directly fixed to the wall. For a functional dining area, this is ideal, because you will be able to move around the kitchen better and save a considerable amount of space.

Optimizing a small space

Made Is your room small? It is not a reason not to be able to eat there! Available on, this white dining table and its Scandinavian style chairs will find their place in a narrow and / or long kitchen.

Lunch in an American kitchen

Aviva If you have an open kitchen, you might as well take advantage of it. To do this, install a small table in harmony with your storage elements so that you can switch from the stove to the meal, and be able to cook more easily.


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