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Alinéa: our favorites from the Fall-Winter 2016-2017 collection

Alinéa: our favorites from the Fall-Winter 2016-2017 collection

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Alinéa invaded the Headquarters, located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, to present its innovations in terms of furniture and decoration. In this Fall-Winter 2016-2017 collection, four very different major trends are highlighted to create an interior that suits you. While waiting to find the products in stores this summer, here are the editor's favorites in pictures!

A chic and cozy reading corner

Katia Rimbert In the corner of a living room or entrance hall, optimize the entire space with a cozy reading corner. The trend is gray this year, as evidenced by this armchair and this floor lamp. We only have one desire: to take a good book and spend an entire afternoon devouring it!

For your family dinners

Katia Rimbert One of the editor's favorites is this (large) Augustine table. It doesn't look like that, but it is expandable up to 310 centimeters! To give you an idea, you can accommodate no less than fourteen people thanks to the extension. Something to solve the problems for the Christmas meal! Price: 799 euros

Purely feminine accessories

Katia Rimbert With the Charme style, you will enjoy ladies! Boxes, plates, candlesticks (3.99 euros each), cushions, baskets ... All the accessories feature pretty black, white, golden or powder pink patterns, to create a boudoir-style living room.

A Scandinavian living room that deposits

Katia Rimbert A Nordic wind is blowing on the new Alinéa collection! The Natural style alias "Fjord'n'folk" of the brand offers wooden furniture and predominantly gray and blue, like the console and the Pastel coffee table (199 and 69.99 euros), for a Scandinavian interior. To awaken everything, we pick up certain pieces of yellow or red color with cushions with geometric patterns, clocks, or the Daphne chair in a mustard color (99.99 euros).

A contemporary look

Katia Rimbert Change of decor for the Current style with the "Rooftop" range of this new collection. In the master bedroom, we put on deep colors, an industrial and urban style. This translates into wired lights, metal or copper structures like this canopy bed (299 and 105 euros) and colors in black, blue or purple tones.

Let your senses travel

Katia Rimbert For the Bohemian style, the "Pop Mumbaï" collection mixes materials and textures in a living room with dynamic colors. The Piper leather sofa (1999 euros) is combined with cushions in ethnic fabrics, colorful lanterns, and original furniture like a chair to personalize in patchwork.

We don't forget the children!

Katia Rimbert Alinéa puts children in the spotlight by reserving functional and aerial furniture such as this canopy bed Kban (299 euros), enhanced with a light garland (Chloé reference) at 19.99 euros and reversible cushions or in the shape of animals (from 6.99 to 11.99 euros).

The little ones also have the right to their office

Katia Rimbert To create a playful workspace in a child's bedroom, opt for this Pirouette modular desk which transforms into a slate or Veleda table and for the matching low chair (119 and 39.99 euros). In the room, the storage spaces are minimalist to let the little ones play and express themselves.

Unique and designer furniture

Katia Rimbert In addition to these new products, Alinéa stores will host three pieces of furniture that won the AlinéaCréa creative competition launched in September 2015 and reserved for people under 35 years of age. Our favorite ? The third prize, namely the Tipik desk designed by Benjamin Chamfeuil which serves as both a desk and a table. Modular and multifunctional furniture, like our current lifestyles.