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The veranda contemporary version

The veranda contemporary version

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We are done with conventional wisdom: not all verandas have a design that makes the house look old! On the contrary, the manufacturers of verandas compete today in creativity to offer you modern and design verandas that integrate easily into your home. Discover 10 models in pictures.

A discreet veranda

Verand'art From inside and outside, this veranda blends into the decor thanks to a false ceiling which allows the lighting to be integrated. Thus only a few parts of the roof are glazed for a more contemporary aesthetic.

A veranda with a flat roof

Verand'art If you want your veranda to look like a small architect's house, you can head to a flat roof which offers a more design look! We then put on a square or rectangular shape which allows a refined style.

A veranda to open the house

Reynaers Note that your veranda is not required to be added to your house, you can place it so that it opens up the existing building. Then just opt ​​for a simple glass wall and opt for a sloping roof that will bring in the light.

A veranda in line with the house

Reynaers This contemporary house adopts the veranda without renouncing its style thanks to a contemporary model with a flat roof that fits perfectly on the front of the house. The veranda is therefore not considered as an outbuilding but actually part of the house.

A refined veranda

Reynaers To bring a contemporary aspect to this traditional house, it is enough to add a veranda with a very refined style which comes to settle on the facade in order to dress it and to offer an extra room.

A veranda as an extension

Reynaers To extend the house, the veranda is an excellent choice! And to play the design card, we keep the shape of the house by betting on modern materials such as aluminum in a gray finish and of course glass walls.

A veranda with modern finishes

Reynaers In this veranda too, we have chosen modernity! And for that, we opted for a modern material in a black which offers a very trendy spirit to the structure.

A veranda with ease

Reynaers Know that to offer a design style to your veranda, you have to go to simplicity! Opt for pure and straight lines to create a graphic spirit specific to design. The simpler the form, the more contemporary it will appear.

An extraordinary veranda

Reynaers Finally, be aware that conservatory projects can be directly integrated into the construction of your home to offer you even more design possibilities.