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The 10 essential ingredients to have in your cupboards to make your household products

The 10 essential ingredients to have in your cupboards to make your household products

Organic is trendy, even when it comes to household products. And for good reason, there are many alternatives - just as effective, less expensive, and above all less harmful to health - to detergents and other chemical cleaning agents that are commercially available. Here is the list of these natural solutions to always have in your closet to clean the house.

Blanc de Meudon for cleaning metal

Leroy Merlin Forget household products dedicated to silverware, this product shines metals in a natural way. As its name suggests, it comes from the chalk quarries of the town of Meudon, located next to Paris. Mix it with water to obtain a multi-purpose paste, which cleans stainless steel, copper, glass, marble, earthenware or ceramic hobs and panes. A simple wipe is enough to remove it.

Lemon, which cleanses your interior

Pixabay / DorianKrauss This is a grandmother's recipe that works every time. Beyond the kitchen, lemon can be used to descale the taps of a bathroom, disinfect and deodorize the walls of toilets and clean a microwave. Also remember to put half a lemon directly in your dishwasher to make your plates shine while embalming the device.

Citric acid and its disinfectant properties

Leroy Merlin This substance is naturally present in lemon. When you use it alone, its effectiveness is increased tenfold to overcome tartar, rust and burnt fat in the bottom of a pan or on a stove for example. However, be careful not to use citric acid on enamel, marble and aluminum, otherwise they will be damaged.

Black soap, which washes whiter than white

Mr Bricolage You know black soap as a cosmetic product, but do you know that you can use it for cleaning? Degreaser but above all whitening, it can be used almost everywhere (for the floor, household appliances, kitchen sink, bathroom. Buy it as a paste or liquid.

Salt and its magic powers

Pixabay / condesign 100% natural and multifunctional, salt proves to be a great asset for cleaning the house. You can use it to polish a worktop, degrease pans, wash an oven and its hob, clean a refrigerator or remove traces of lime or caffeine from the rims of teacups.

Sodium percarbonate to remove stains from carpets

Blog Lemon Coco Soda or sodium percarbonate is a good alternative to household chemical products to restore all of its shine to your linens and bath sheets, but also to disinfect your carpets and rugs. This very economical antibacterial bleaches laundry as well as removing bad odors from fibers and combats stubborn stains from coffee, wine, chocolate and tomato sauce among others.

The essential Marseille soap

La Savonnerie Marseille Swap your traditional laundry for a timeless product: the famous Marseille soap. It will overcome multiple stains without damaging the fabric, but using only a small dose. You can also use this Mediterranean product in the kitchen and bathroom, from floor to ceiling!

Sorrel salt for a brilliant white

Starwax The colors of your clothes are less and less bright after several machine washes? Use an organic whitener, sorrel salt, before you start the cycle of your washing machine, instead of buying specific detergents commercially which are not always very effective.

Soda crystals for degreasing the house

Blog Prima Marmer Say goodbye to traces of fat by diluting a few soda crystals in water. You can use this mixture to clean the enamel of your sink or a greasy gas stove, use it as a homemade dishwashing product or as a product to wash the tiles, or even to revive a washing machine clogged with limestone. The land of Sommières is another possibility for removing greasy stains.