When the decor sees double

When the decor sees double

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In decoration, we spend our time enacting rules that we hasten to flout in the name of originality. For example, it is often said that decorative objects work in threes, but sometimes in pairs, it's better. Proof by 10!

Two chaise lounges

Ikea And if you choose two chaise lounges, they can easily replace a sofa. Then choose two identical models that you will place side by side but opposite so that they face each other.

Two tables for meals

Paragraph In the dining room, we also play with pairs by installing two small tables rather than a large one. You can of course bring them together when there are four of you at the table, but you can also have different activities in each space.

Two shelves

La Redoute Why attach a simple shelf to the wall that will be alone on your wall when you can add a second to create a very aesthetic gallery effect. Play the graphics card!

Two coffee tables

La Redoute In the living room, if you opt for a single sofa, you will compensate with two coffee tables. For an original style effect, you can choose identical models in different sizes.

Two storage units

AM.PM In this entry, we preferred to use two storage lockers to create a sort of wardrobe rather than adding to the space with a single large model. The effect is very decorative!

Two suspensions

Ikea To better distribute the light and take care of the decorative effect, it is strongly recommended to increase the number of suspensions. We opt for example for two models above a table or on a desk.

Two dressers

Ikea To create a storage corridor, we multiply the dressers which will be practical thanks to their storage drawers but also to put decorative accessories. Choose two models that you will paste to make one.

Two flower pots

Ikea As for decorative items, here is a new rule: place each object family in threes, taking care to double two models. The same two candle holders thus find their place with a larger one and the same two pots of flowers combine with a large vase.

Two basins

Ikea For more comfort in the family, we prefer to choose two sinks! For the decorative aspect, we choose two identical washbasins and we only change the mirrors that will be installed above.