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Rattan spirit when you hold us!

Rattan spirit when you hold us!

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If rattan had disappeared from our garden furniture because accused of being old-fashioned, it takes advantage of the vintage trend to come back to the fore. Rarely a real rattan, garden furniture is mainly inspired by this material and reborn in synthetic resin for a stunning effect. When the furniture is inspired by rattan, you can discover it in pictures.

A contemporary garden furniture

Paragraph The rattan here gives way to the woven resin without forgetting the style. The forms are more refined to offer a garden furniture where the tradition is revisited. We like the blue cushions which go perfectly with the color of the resin.

An ancient sunbathing

Garden Choice Looking at this sunbathing, you would think it was old. However, it is a contemporary model made of synthetic resin to perfectly imitate the traditional rattan. Ideal for resting in the shade of the trees.

A very natural lounge chair

Riva In this garden, we chose a rattan lounge chair in a natural color so that the furniture blends perfectly with nature while adding a very decorative touch.

An authentic lounge chair

Riva Here, too, rattan makes a small impact in the garden with this very elaborate lounge chair. And for the contemporary touch and the "comfort" aspect, we thought of the immaculate white cushion!

A hanging chair

Conran Shop For an armchair which gives pride of place to design, you will find a kind of revisited hammock which is none other than a cocoon hanging chair for your moments of relaxation. The rattan spirit infuses a warm and reassuring note into this incredible armchair.

Very modern traditional armchairs

Conran Shop If the shape of these armchairs is essential in the world of vintage rattan, they are also very modern thanks to their timeless lines. We particularly like the mixture of natural color and white for an almost Scandinavian spirit.

The bistro chair

Garden Choice To give your garden an air of refreshment, you can bet on the rattan chairs which are inspired by the models of bistros and other breweries. Retro spirit guaranteed!

Fifties-style chairs

Seasons The 1950s round armchairs are reborn on your terrace for a terribly trendy style. Guaranteed effect, even if it is synthetic resin!

An old garden furniture

Garden Choice To give an old charm to the garden, you can bet on a rattan lounge with a bench and a table that set the tone.