Couple story: how to tidy up by separating things?

Couple story: how to tidy up by separating things?

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Between Monsieur's shirts which must always be impeccably ironed and the mountains of Madame's shoes which threaten to collapse - we grant you that we are schematizing - it is clear that your dressing area is smaller than your love. Rest assured, to avoid any couple conflicts, we will give you some tips that will allow you to coexist in everyone's business with complete peace of mind.

Make the choice of tailor-made

Agency for you Looking for a durable solution for storing your respective belongings? Asking a carpenter to make custom-made pieces of furniture to avoid the accumulation of cupboards, dressers and bedside tables will ultimately cost you little more. Here, the master bedroom has a wooden lacquered wooden cabinet surrounding the bed. More info on Agence à vous

Make your wardrobe

Curiosity workshop When you come up against difficulties of arrangement and organization, DIY can be life-saving. Here is a wardrobe composed of a low piece of furniture, 4 rods, a wardrobe bar, a wooden and leather board. Its advantage: it is functional while remaining narrow and therefore fits everywhere. More info on Curiosity workshop

Create built-in storage

Laura Moss Failing to have the same bags and shoes ... we can possibly adopt the same built-in wardrobe. If your room allows, do not hesitate to create recesses to dig your walls and thus gain space and storage. More info about One king slane

Multiply dressers

Ikea If the size of your room allows, opt for two very separate dressers to separate your belongings. Choose two models from the same brand and from the same collection to give the illusion of a custom-made piece of furniture. You can even stack the furniture if the models are suitable and you can fix it on the wall. More On Ikea

Enhance your business by exposing it

The Selby Do you have too many pairs of shoes? Assume! By exhibiting them as works of art in a display cabinet. A technique that works just as well with bags and hats and that lets you know where everyone's belongings are in the blink of an eye. More info on The Selby or The Coquette Mouse

Focus on storage organizers

We store everything Fabric storage boxes, garment cover, closet dividers, drawer organizer, hanging storage… Separate your belongings with these smart storage accessories that allow you to sort clothes and optimize the dressing room! More info about On range tout

Hang accessories on the wall

Fall for DIY To keep your bags, hats and scarves from hanging around… hang them! Here it is a home made wooden frame which allows you to hang jewelry, glasses or even a sweater. But you can more simply opt for coat hooks or mini hooks for more discreet suspensions. To sort out your respective belongings, why not opt ​​for this trick on two sides of the wall facing each other? More info about Fall for DIY

Choosing a multifunctional headboard

Vtwonen What space saving when a headboard turns into a real piece of furniture for storing clothes! While creating a separation between the sleeping area and the rest of the room, without dividing the space, the headboard then provides a storage solution. More On Vtwonen

Opt for storage under the bed

Ikea Even a narrow master bedroom can benefit from clever storage. The proof with this double bed similar to that of the Princess with peas. It was actually elevated by drawers to clear up the mess in the blink of an eye. A mini-shelf replaces the bedside table while serving as a separation between each drawer. More info about Stockholm vitt - Interior design


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