Bohemian patterns in the house

Bohemian patterns in the house

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Bohemian decoration is inspired by travel and likes to bring together traditional skills from around the world in the home. What do they have in common? Bring the design to the fore. It is found on carpets, on cushions or on dishes. Whether from India or North Africa, it is always worked with finesse and elegance. An overview in pictures of the essential patterns for an authentic bohemian decoration.

The Ikat motif

Urban Outfitters The Ikat patterns come from a dyeing technique that allows you to create patterns when you weave the fabric. A single wire thus has several colors. It is found in bohemian decoration, in many different aspects, as here with a cushion woven differently on the front and back.


Cabane Indigo In the bohemian imagination, there are many diamonds. Characteristics of Berber carpets, they create geometric play on textiles and can be enjoyed both in color and in black and white.

Star patterns

V. Barkowski on La Redoute We notice a lot of starry patterns in the bohemian decoration, like here on this bed set. A bit like moucharabiehs, they bring a nice dynamic to the decor.


AM.PM The rattan and wicker baskets made of seagrass are adorned with pretty traditional patterns to differentiate themselves from each other. Some wear warm colors like ocher or saffron in the form of geometric designs, others create the pattern in the braiding. Here, the material is braided with two different colors to create a zigzag effect. It is up to you to decide if you prefer to use them in storage baskets or as a wall decoration.

The zigzag

AM.PM La Redoute Zigzag prints, colored or black, can be found on textiles as well as decorative items. Vases, plates, candle holders and carpets then play geometric graphics on natural materials. We love.

Colorful checkers

Rock the Kilim On the Berber carpets, especially boucherouites, we find the diamonds in the form of small colored checkers. These flat areas of bright colors juxtaposed next to each other create a rhythmic pattern that is found a lot in bohemian decoration, on textiles but also in dishes or pottery.

Color strips

Urban Outfitters We also like to bring into the house patterns of colored bands in warm and welcoming colors, such as raspberry, brick or saffron. They can be chosen plain, for a contemporary effect, or filled with patterns of Indian or African type for an asserted ethnic side.

Black & white graphic prints

H&M Home Indispensable for a very chic bohemian decor, the black & white graphic prints cover all the textiles of the house. In the bedroom, on a woolen plaid, in the living room on sofa cushions and even on the beach on cotton towels.

The kilim motif

Urban Outfitters This pattern inspired by the weaving techniques of Kilim cotton rugs takes pride of place in bohemian decoration. Plaids, cushions and of course rugs are scattered in touches around the house, like souvenirs from travels.