Arrange your kitchen under the eaves

Arrange your kitchen under the eaves

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It would be a shame not to take advantage of the space under your roof, and yet it seems difficult to install a living room, and especially a kitchen. We will prove to you that you can perfectly furnish a functional kitchen under the eaves. Kitchenette, large loft-style area, integrated dining area ... You will see that several configurations are possible. Follow the guide !

An integrated dining area

Sabine Serrad Here, the architect has arranged this small space under the roof to make it a functional kitchen with a dining table that can accommodate two place settings. Ideal for a couple's dirty little nest!

A friendly open kitchen

Marie-Josée Jarry Living under the roof does not necessarily mean having a narrow room. The proof, this American kitchen overlooks a cozy dining room, in which you can receive your friends. Do not hesitate to use pop colors and colorful decorative accessories to make the room brighter.

Have a functional work plan

Manuel Djamdjan The disadvantage of a kitchen in the attic is of course the height under the ceiling. In this apartment, everything has been designed so that you can easily access your appliances and cupboards but also so that your work surface is well lit.

A bistro-like room

Studio Hekla If you are lucky enough to have a roof with exposed beams, highlight them by painting your ceiling in white and install a vintage wooden kitchen with black storage units. You can then mix rustic and modern style.

Have a central island under the eaves

PEPE Fotografia Another installation is possible under the roofs in order to make the most of your attic space: having an American kitchen with a central island. You will be able to circulate better in the room and benefit from a good height under ceiling to install a range hood.

A two in one island

McKinney + Windeatt Architects If you are a large family, optimize your kitchen island so that it also functions as a dining area. Add bar stools to give the room a retro feel. We love the slate wall where we can chalk out our recipes, shopping list or little words.

A large living room

Vincent Leroux / Temps Machine Here, everything has been concentrated under the roof. The dining room, the kitchen and the sitting area are grouped together in one room. The white walls and ceiling significantly enlarge the space. To bring more warmth, put a colorful carpet or beanbags.

A long kitchen

Jérôme Galland Aleph If your house has only one floor, take advantage of the high ceilings to create a long kitchen in front of a bay window or a French window. The advantage? You can have several dining tables right next to the stoves to serve your guests more easily.

A wooden kitchenette

Mai-Linh In this apartment, the architect has bet on a simple and practical space in only a few square meters. The wooden kitchen elements highlight the solid parquet and the vintage table.